This new Hotfix proves the balance team just nerf anything thats good/viable in the name of "diversity" when all they really do is just make the game less fun

Look a lot of the nerfs in this hotfix are more or less justified but then GB goes and nerfs the Hex by 70% because “they were envisioned to specialize by applying elemental DoTs to targets” but instead they were doing large amounts of damage…thats just a fancy way of saying that “oh we nerfed the Grenade because it was actually good, compared to the other 3000 ■■■■■■, nearly unuseable grenade mods” so I guess there goes Grenade Moze. Especially because you guys just nerfed the Flakker into complete uselessness by making it consume the entire clip on top of lowering its damage by 33%…first game where the Flakker is actually good and you guys just nerf it into the ground. You wonder why people on these forums complain all the time about the constant nerfs to anything thats good…all we can hope for is that they realize how bad the Flakker will be and revert the change. Im not saying all the changes are bad, but I mean half of those buffs are going to do absolutely nothing and the gear that is good now will still be used. You know this is BL, a series about being OP and farming for the best loot and everytime we farm for the best loot it just gets nerfed into the ground it seems…


No need to make separate topics on this, please keep these in the hotfix thread