This one is for Afro Samurai


This one is for you…Courtesy of the New Unofficial Community Patch!


Awesome sauce! Now I want Community Patch for consoles to be a thing!

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Same here.
Damn you microsoft!

@johnrr6 you were on xbox originally weren’t you?
Was it weird switching to pc or do they mostly play the same ?

I’m drooling - it’s so pretty

@johnrr6 - did this COM replace the regular Shock Trooper?

Always been PC bud…but ask @DeputyChuck he just converted over from Xbox…maybe he has some tips.

I use a controller in my left hand and a nine button mouse in my right…a real hybrid setup…

I don’t like two handed controllers or keyboards to play so I’m kind of weird in that regard.

PC allows for a lot more flexibility but I can see why consoles have their charm.

I just spent 30 minutes in a mall playing the VR PS4 Game FarPoint. Was just walking by and a Sony guy had set up a demo with the goggles. wand gun and all the bells and whistles…and invited people to play. Everyone laughed when this old guy (me) stepped up and asked for a turn…LOL.
INCREDIBLE experience and for less than $800 Bucks…it’s a VERY attractive alternative to multi thousand dollar PC VR stuff.

I mastered the controls in seconds and the awful looking wand gun transforms itself into a nicely balanced Assault Rifle the feels just FINE in you your hands through the goggles.

Loved it!


Holy crap, I need a PC. That looks amazing. I want it! :smile:

Alright @DeputyChuck would you mind chiming in on this and letting us Console players know how the transition was from console to PC borderlands play?

9 button mouse! :astonished:

I thought I was clever when I mastered the wheel!

By controller do you mean like the old amiga type ones with sucker pads for feet?

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It replaced the Slayer of Terra Com which maybe 1 person in the entire world has ever used…LOL

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I would tell you all about it… But the truth is, I haven’t bought BL yet ( I’m waiting for some kind of sales… Supposedly there is one late June)

Getting into PC gaming from scratch is freaking expensive man!

I was GIVEN a PC by @johnrr6 and a monitor by @Derch and it still cost me in the hundreds to be able to play :stuck_out_tongue: (Huge shout out to both of them BTW, you guys are the best :smiley: )

I can totally see the appeal now that I have everything I need though… Gaming just got a whole LESS expensive down the line. :slight_smile:

Right now, I’m playing Papers, please and Torchlight.

When I get Borderlands, I’ll be playing on a controller… I really don’t feel like re-learning everything.


Do the re-learning! It’ll take mere minutes and give you some epic shotgun kills with the ability to shoot stalkers in their stupid faces as they jump at you! :smiley:

I thought I had a copy in my Steam inventory but I don’t :frowning:

I do have all the headhunters and a UVHM2 pack though if you want some! :smiley:

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Thanks, but I’ve already put the “super duper borderlands bundle with extra sauce” in my wishlist :slight_smile:
When the steam sales start, I’m getting everything borderlands at once :slight_smile:

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It’s actually £9.99 on right now. Although I’ve no idea what that would be in funny money! :smiley:

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Well this is what Steam has now if you want everything and it’s $156 CDN

No GOTY versions and no DLC for BL2 though! :frowning: - $13 and then kill ALL the things with a mouse! :smiley:

I know right?