This one is for you @Chuck80 - We have Test Dummy!

@Chuck80 and his thread: Petition for a test dummy

And there she blows.

It is better than before, Flesh, Shield and Armor.


Wow that’s cool! Also nice for you. I’m just lv 17 and don’t know what is the minimum level is required to enter into it (with the same level).

Also the music is ■■■■■■■ incredible! GG 2K AUS.


Man! This is great news!

I can finally test all those things I’ve been putting off since the game came out.

Oh happy day! :smiley:

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Thank you Gearbox…can finally see what our weapons can do before taking them into battle :smile:

LOL I was going to post something like this as well. Granted it was requested since about the launch of TPS but as I have always said.

“Better late than never!”

If it isn’t clear to some of you, gearbox does in fact listen to what their fans have to say.

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im only gettine 1damage per shot, no matter what weapon I try

OK where is it?

At the Deck 13.5 Fast travel, go straight ahead past the ladder. Look on mini map and you will see the $ sign.

Thank you Gearbox!