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Redline, bangstick, bounty hunter class mod for flak.

Have lots to trade let me know what your looking for.

I’ve got a radiation butcher. Trying to get a double penetrating laser sploder, Shock or corrosive flakker, or a dictator with x6 damage

Il check what i have

Have a double penetrating shredded laser sploder of thats of any use?

Have bounty hunter and butcher

I’m looking for sticky homing quasar grenade mod, or flakker anointed Moze

What element and item level is that laser sploder?

591 rad

Anointed splash damage does 125 for short time

Can you take a picture of it?

Sorry dont have what yoyr looking for

That’s a little better than the one I have so we can trade if you want

Invite me to sanctuary gt im x shawt33

Will do

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I have a red line- looking for merv tacular hex - radiation

Sorry dont have what your looking for