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Basically i wanna use Amara the siren but guys it would be cool if you look at the skill trees and decide let me know.

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Are you limited to one, or is this the one you want to start with? I don’t think we’ve seen Moze’s or Flak’s trees yet?


We already have a thread for this.


Either way you want it does not have to be fully released to the public . It’s up to you

  1. What Character’s / Character
  2. Favorite skill tree if there is 1)

Thank you but i just want responses as well i would appreciate if this post would not be taken down . Pleaz

This is what class not what class first. There is a difference in the post .
Feel free to DM me if you have a problem with the post .

Given that we are still several months away from launch, we do not yet have full information about how things will work, and there is the possibility that certain things well be tweaked by the developers before launch, I think it’s a bit premature to be asking such questions. My advice would be to wait and see, then try each of the characters at launch and see who appeals to you the most then.

Closing this thread, since users can posts opinions just as usefully in the thread already linked.

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