This Queue tho... :/

This seems to be the same as alpha, and quite frankly this is annoying. Why is there no approximate timer or queue number? Lastly, why can’t I navigate through the command menu etc while I wait? I don’t have a problem with a queue, but rather how freaking unuserfriendly it is while ya wait.

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Just sit and stare…


It’s probably because they want folks on the forums talking about it. Congrats Gearbox!

To use the command you have to be connected to a server because it needs to check that gear isn’t hacked from offline. They have said the game has to be always online for this reason and since gear is managed through command, you do have to be on a server to use it

I’ve been kicked after the 2 missions i’ve completed, and had to queue each time. V frustrating

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Ya that’s dumb the way it’s set up. I feel like they could find a solution for that easily. They could make it so everything is locked while in queue, but when you finally get in, it loads your actual command progress or something. I just want to read game stuff while waiting. Staring at a screen with no approximate timer or anything isn’t cool.

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Same here. After I get out of the game it gives me an error that says something to the effect of “Couldn’t refresh matchmaking information.” It then puts me back in queue and then I sit and wait.

Please use an existing thread. It helps gearbox keep track of things. Thanks.

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