This Saturday 13 february

Hey guys.

So I was thinking of using this Saturday to go nuts with Borderlands 2.

The idea was to gather 2 or 3 people, to play with - Either leveling, or doing some DLC?

I am currenlty playing Zer0… at level 63. And have a mic available.

Playing on the PS4.

If someone is up, let me know here.

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Hey I might be down for that, If me being OP8 is a problem then I might not be able to join in my Salv is the only character I have but if your okay with it I can help you out with leveling c:

Ey BaconBoi!

Sure, no problem! You welcome to join.

Let me know when you’re ready to game. I’m going to add your Psn if thats ok?

Yeah you can go ahead and add me, also should probably mention that I’m in Australia so we might have timezone issues if your in America or something

Haha great… I’m located in Denmark, Europe! And yeah … You’re almost 9-10 hours in front of me :smiley:

Okay what time will you be available on Saturday, we might have to arrange it so that it’s the morning for you and I’ll just stay up little late

Purk and Boi, I´ll give a hand if we manage to manage the time zones (and if we do not, I’ll check for u as usual since we are same zone, Purk). / Z.

Gunz - Sounds good!