This seems to be the year for this type of game, Mobas

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First off I still do not understand 100% what moba means. i know LOL and smite are called mobos but the most i understand is there competitive style games. so that can mean most anything really with online multiplayer?

but i notice also this year shooters that are being called mobos. there is alot of choices for us there

I have known about


now im seeing a game called paragon and that one looks pretty and very competitive style

but even with all this competition, which is always a good thing. im very happy with Battleborn it fits my needs for a fun ,silly and not serious game.


No, Battleborn is only partially MOBA (it takes from it), and Overwatch/doom are NOT moba at all.

I’d say bad start for the so called year of MOBA :smiley:

Paragon is a classic moba in the way it works.

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Multiplayer online battle arena. Players controlling a single player work as a team to destroy the opposing team’s structures (aka the sentinels in incursion) using the help of continuously spawned minions. Purchasable structures, recruitable “super minions” are all common thems of a Moba. However they have traditionally had a top down view, being closer to real time strategy games than anything else. Battleborn is the first to have a Moba style mode in first person. Capture mode is basically classic arena shooter and meltdown mode is like a weird mashup of the two modes (having to both escort minions AND control points).

Overwatch is straight arena shooter and to my knowledge Doom is straight multiplayer FPS.

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thats one of the most well and easy to understand explanation.

doesn’t mean i still dont get the whole name for MOBA, any online multiplayer can be considered a battle arena to the understanding of a causal player

the reason i got this idea is that the Overwatch trolls non stop calling this game and the new doom all a MOBA


Bear in mind that “multiplayer online battle arena” isn’t the definition of MOBA, but simply what each letter means. That’s what’s confusing you I think. The name is very vague compared to the definition of a MOBA itself.

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Look at it like that, when DOTA (original one) appeared nobody knew how to call it, since it was something totally new - a Warcraft III mod where you had RTS controls, but were in most part controlling one hero. So people came up with a vague name because…well people like to label things and we got MOBA. Maybe people were not expecting for this type of game to be really popular when the name was created. You know, the sorts of it’s a short lived fad, let’s just name it and forget about it in 6 months. But some time passed, we got LOL, DOTA2 and whole bunch of other games in the same genre and they became really popular…but the name was already stuck.
So long story short, it’s vague name, which can be attributed to many online games, but if you want to understand it correctly 99% of the time think MOBA=LOL/DOTA2. Or what @Weyrd if you want more details.

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It’s like how “RPG” doesn’t apply to almost every game ever created, even though they fit the criteria: in Mario Bros you’re playing the role of Mario in a game, but people would look at you weird if you called it a role-playing game. :wink:

“Hero Shooter” is the term being used by both Overwatch and Battleborn, which adds another nice smear of vague over everything since they’re quite dissimilar in play and the term itself doesn’t describe much beyond “heroes” and “shooting”. Between Battleborn, Overwatch, Paladins, Paragon, Lawbreakers, Gigantic and probably others, though, there definitely seems to be a recent push towards games taking elements and inspiration from both MOBAs and the arena shooters of old.


I like the comparison. VEry spot on, I’ll remember it for the next time this subject appears x)

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lets not forget Super Mario RPG XD

I do like the person that are calling these Hero shooters. i like that name

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I’d say that battleborn is pretty solidly a moba. It has all the moba strategy, it’s just played using a FPS skillset.

People seem to hate the games being called this, but the best way to describe a real “Moba” is an ARTS: Action real time strategy.

Other than that, it’s hard to define a “moba” per-say. If you look at the really big ones, dota and league, you can draw plenty of similarities. But once you start including games like smite…paragon…battleborn… you really fuzzy the lines.

What I see in battleborn that makes me sure it’s a moba in FPS’s clothing:

  • Importance on positioning, both on the map and in fights
  • Well timed skill usage being the key to victory, especially ultimates.
  • An objective that requires you to focus on something that often doesn’t include you actually fighting the other team.
  • Leveling that is a mix between items and leveling skills (Similar to how HotS handles it).
  • People can be stupid and throw the game by only going for kills.
  • I get really mad at my team when we lose to the point of blaming them irrationally.
  • It makes me question all of my life choices, like why I haven’t just hit alt+f4 yet.
  • My family asks if I’m okay when they hear me playing, and I’m not okay.
  • Things are broken in my room that previously were not.
  • I’m being watched by the FBI due to the amount of death threats I’ve given.

I’m fairly sure the game is an FPS/MOBA hybrid, but people who come into it who already have experience with mobas seem to play better than those who come in who just have experience with FPSes. The people who comes from mobas acknowledge the objective and attempt to coordinate skills for ultimate victory. The people from FPSes aim better, I suppose, but they generally fail to meaningfully contribute to the team. People will get better and more knowledgable as the game goes on though.

(Iluspook) #11

The easiest way to understand what a MOBA (albeit not the best name for the genre) is would be to play DOTA or LoL. Barring that, just understand there are a few things that make a MOBA game part of the genre in its purest sense, without delving into the realm of hybrids and such. Some staples that must be there for a pure MOBA are:

-a lane or lanes (pathways, usually 3) that lead from your base to the enemies’ base

-infinitely spawning minions that blindly march down said lanes, prioritizing attacking obstacles and other minions first, then player characters

-a main obstacle in each base that needs destroyed in order to win

-obstacles (usually called towers) along each lane that prioritize attacking minions first before concentrating on player characters and hitting them HARD (hence the importance of minions). Typically, all obstacles in a lane must be destroyed before the main objective becomes vulnerable.

-a “jungle” area (not always exactly a jungle with trees and such, but still called a jungle) that is around the lanes, serving as a shortcut to the different lanes and often housing enemy AI that, when defeated, offer various rewards

-a selection of playable heroes that have various roles to play, and typically have a basic attack, 3 special abilities, and 1 ultimate ability. These characters typically start at level 1, every single match, and progress to a set maximum level.

. There you have it! Of course, there are variations on everything in different MOBAs, but these are the absolute necessities needed to be considered a MOBA.

Many are confusing Overwatch and Battleborn for MOBAs because their hero characters work just like MOBA characters. In the case of Overwatch, that’s the only bullet point it hits. It’s got the characters, but certainly not a MOBA.

Regarding Battleborn, however, things get tricky. It has a PvP mode called “Incursion” that certainly handles like a MOBA; I’d call that mode a MOBA. It has a PvP mode called “Meltdown”, which resembles the Arena mode in a MOBA called Smite, but it’s much more of a hybrid, and not quite a MOBA in its purest sense. But then there is a PvP mode which plays like a standard FPS capture mode, and there’s a full campaign story mode, neither of which is a MOBA at all, except for MOBA style characters.

So, there are some that will call Battleborn a MOBA, and they will be correct. There are others that will say Battleborn is not a MOBA, and they will be correct. Fun stuff, huh? :slight_smile:

(Bluehasia) #12

thanks for all the feedback on what a MOBA is everyone!

getting to understand more what a MOBA is even though the name is silly

a Hero shooter sounds like a great name for this style of new genre, hope that catches on :slight_smile:

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #13

Battleborn is genrefluid. :wink:

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Hero shooter, or Hero brawler…I do like how those sound!

([PC] Peacekeeper) #15

Just to confuse things further, “Hero Brawler” is the genre Blizzard labelled Heroes of the Storm as. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Iluspook) #16

Indeed! It seems they wanted to differentiate themselves from other MOBAs, but HotS really IS a MOBA, whereas I think Overwatch and some Battleborn modes could more easily wear the moniker…unless, of course, we just throw out the term MOBA altogether and assign the “Hero Shooter / Brawler” title across all of these games! But then we’d still need a term that specifically described games with lanes, minions, towers, jungles, and bases…

I need oatmeal.

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but i think another different why this game appeals to me and why i cant stand LOL

is that i can’t just pick up LOL everytime i tried to play LOL my friend had to explain to me everything why i need to buy this item first then that item next, how to play this character and it can only be played like this and has one role and needs to be played in said way.

where battleborn i can still be good with the characters i picked and play them many ways and the gears i put on them for most part didn’t matter what it was.

how i feel mobas are is you need to also dedicate time and practice to the game like a competitive sport becuase the online gaming for it is not fun people take it way to series.


I feel the same way about Battleborn.

It’s MOBA for the masses.

([PC] Peacekeeper) #19

“Brawler” has also been an alternate name for “Beat 'Em Up” for many moons, describing games like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. Maybe we just need to go super specific with it, like some corners of music where each absurd genre basically only describes a single band/artist. :yum:

“Excuse me, record shop guy, could you point me towards the alternative nu-synth metallurgic hardlectrogaze post-fusioncore section?”

(Iluspook) #20

Yeah, I agree…toxic communities and too much reliance on “meta” can be a huge turn-off to new players, and even existing ones! If I’m playing Smite and I pick Fenrir, who is typically a jungle character, I’d get yelled at if I was playing a support role in a lane instead of “jungling”. In Battleborn everything is new, and I really hope a toxic community doesn’t develop and start raging about metas.

So far, so good, though! :slight_smile: