This shouldn't be allowed

Voxies core and bola target shouldn’t be allowed to be equipped at the same time, it’s annoying figtting anyone with it. Fix it.


Was it an Attikus?

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Agreed. ESPECIALLY on Attikus and Orendi.

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Bola snare as in kid ultra’s bola or bolas target finder? If its the latter you should see before they tweaked it. So much wreckage. Both are still a pain to deal with individually and together a bigger pain.


Bola is barley use after the nerf.

I disagree with it barely being used anymore. It used to be good on anybody, so sure, now not EVERY character is using it, but I still see it and voxis being used constantly on characters with lots of high damaging skills like Orendi and Thorn almost just as much as usual.

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I still see it all the time myself

I personally use Bola’s Target Finder and Voxis Core a lot…

…in story mode. So there are, indeed, times when the combination is perfectly justified!


Yeah, but the campaign is so easy already, that running a Bolas and Voxis combo would just make it boring, right? That’s how i feel, anyways…

If the enemy is using voxis core just dont stay close to minions and there it goes! 15% less dmg.

Bolas is still strong on orendi and thorn so w.e lol just learn whats the lowest hp you can allow urself before getting deleted by a single shot.

In my opinion both have a counter play unlike lorrain spike ( i use it :joy:) it has a chance to make a 500 dmg skill to hit 750 tho the random element is what keeps it balanced.

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Depends on which character, whether solo or not, and which mode. Not every Battleborn is Toby!


I actually find that most of them ARE Toby…

must be different perspectives

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Toby or not Toby, aye, there’s the selection.

Sentinel solo as Miko is… interesting.


A fair point, i keep forgetting that Toby is one of the strongest PVE characters. Shayne & Aurox ISN’T easy (my only melee main)…


I have a friend who rocks Voxis Core and Orendi’s legendary for his Orendi, but he only picks her to carry a team of randoms. But it’s still really nasty.

I agree it gets stupid broke. Orendi with either of those is hard to fight against, with both it’s a nightmare.

I guffawed!