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I’ve completed 4 of the main quests that said they were worth 600 credits and have not gotten any. Now I’m on quest 5/20 which is supposedly worth 3000 credits. I have the free trial version on PS4. Maybe free trial doesn’t allow you to redeem credits, or do I have to complete all 20 steps to redeem all credits?

Someone help please!
Thanks and much appreciated!

I know this may be a stupid question BUT

Are you aware that Credits and Platinum are not the same thing? Most of the Main Quests award Credits (blue coin thingies) and not Platinum (the yellow coin thingies).

If you have 0 blue coin thingies, then I’m not 100% sure but I think that you’re supposed to get them.

LOL I’m an absolute potato. Thanks mate. I thought that credits were the premium currency but I’m a dope. lol

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No problem Spud-bro.

Daily Quests award Platinum. I also think that Main Quest 20/20 may award it (not sure).

But yeah, Credits are the blue ones, Plat are the Yellow ones.

You can purchase Characters with Credits OR Plat. for credits I think it’s 47,500 (of the blue coins). You gain Credits (the blue coins) after each PvP game and/or by Selling gear you’ve gotten and don’t want, and by completing Main Quests AND by completing challenges.

You can look at your challenge progression and rewards for completing them by going to the command page.

Command --> Career Tab --> Challenges

There you can look at challenges which are organized by
Character, Story (which you don’t have access to), Versus, and other stuff I can’t remember.

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