This Update Did Nothing to Fix the UI / HUD elements

The Global UI / HUD scaling feature only scales all the UI elements that can be turned off, so it changes nothing for those looking for minimal UI presence - the build and research panels are just as they were before, taking up enormous amounts of UI space - so the Global UI / HUD scaling isn’t Global at all, it’s selective, leaving out the primary and persistent elements.

Also, there is no new option in the settings menu to disable-as-rule the other UI elements, so they still need to be reconfigured to be turned off with each new game, new load, new level. The same goes for the green wireframe highlight over ships, which still needs to be toggled off with TAB, rather than remaining permanently off through having a settings menu option.

Also, there is no new option to disable the lens flare in the game, so that remains an obstruction and annoyance.

I’m very surprised that nothing was done to address these interfering issues. Please see my previous detailing of them in this thread:

Grab the edge of the build/launch/research menu and scale it.

Go read my notes in this thread about ongoing UI work:


OK, thanks for that link, I really appreciate the ongoing effort.

I can’t really use the manual scaling of research / build panels as it presently is, because their contents don’t scale with the border-scaling - so click-scaling them cuts off their text and makes things look messy and awkward - and the panels still consume full verticality of the screen, even when there’s nothing within them to present information with that space.

What resolution are you running at?

1920x1200. Here’s a screenshot:

A lite version of the research / build panels (or for the whole UI) could reduce the scroll-bar thickness, change the panel verticality to 50% or even less of screen (maybe centre it middle-height of the screen), and scale down text and the graphic bars they sit in accordingly.

Also, a reduced size for the numbers that show which groups selected ships belong to, and also the green bars that appear above shipe would be nice. Maybe 50% current size, or so.

The engine doesn’t currently 100% support the ability to scale the text in the UI dynamically by drag sizing. We added that ability after the patch cutoff, but there wasn’t enough time to test it properly. I’ll make sure it’s in the next patch, among many other UI things.


Somewhat related @Burly Does this next update fix the ungodly big hyperspace button in HW1 RM to be subtle?

Most likely. A lot of UI is a ratio of the screen width or height. If you have a super wide or tall monitor, you’ll see some extremes. That’s why I added that -forceResolution cmd line so I could test that. Patch 2 laid the groundwork for me to fix the rest of them.