This was going to be an Ambra guide, but it got out of hand, sorry

Since I’ve been playing Ambra as support for a long time now and am really passionate about her, I will write a guide to my playstyle if anyone is interested, and explain her strengths.

Yes, Ambra has been totally nerfed. It sucks. RIght now, people are going to roll their eyes at you if you queue up as Ambra. And quite honestly, you’re probably going to lose, especially if the other team has Galilea and Miko. You’re kind of screwed. You might as well just surrender at that point.

But, the tides of nerfing and buffing are ever-changing. Ambra will probably see an honest, thoughtful pass in the first major patch, which won’t be too far off, I hope.

For now, some things to keep in mind:

  • Still totally legit awesome in PVE. Get some friends, queue story mode public, enjoy playing support in PVE. It’s a good time.

  • Her lore masteries are super easy to get, especially in story mode, and they reward you with a legendary that rocks.

  • Ambra, once she gets her level 7 mutation and said legendary, turns into a late-game ranged artillery character. It’s fun.

  • Sunspots are super great. Radius and extra health, plus the ability to heal them during combat, means that if you’re teamed with brawlers like Rath or any tank who know how to fight around your sunspot, you’ll be able to turn the tide of a close-quarters engagement like nobody’s business - just don’t get those stupid helix options that turn the sunspot into a consumable or a land mine - dumb, dumb, dumb. It would be one thing if it happened in an AOE, but it doesn’t. Lame. The land mine sunspot is good if you use it to secure kills while someone is running from you, just throw it in front of them and watch it explode in their face, pretty funny. Placement is key no matter what.

  • Avoid melee combat at all costs in PVP. You will die. You do not stand a chance, even with her healthsteal helix option on the melee attack. Just about every dedicated melee character will rip you in half. Run away as soon as you even see them on the minimap, just don’t bother.

  • Yes, her overshield sucks now. I remember it was 450 in beta. It would be nice if it activated as soon as her shield broke, rather than at the “I’m basically dead already who cares” point. I mean Miko gets 30% movement speed whenever struck, we have to wait until we’re down to 20% HP, what the ■■■■.

  • Ambra has sexy legs.

  • Ambra probably likes being called Mommy during sex.

  • I’m pretty sure she’s a lesbian, too, but that could be wishful fangirl thinking on my part.

  • You should probably give her movement speed items in PVP. I used to give her mitigation items and enjoyed it, but now that everyone sees Ambra as an easy target (and since Galilea, one of the most overpowered characters in the game, has an achievement centered around murdering you) you will be dogpiled and stomped and no amount of mitigation will save you. Best to just avoid fights entirely.

  • Honestly, just equip a shard generation and a buildy-wrench and just be a turret bitch and do merc spawns until you hit level 7 and can range attack people from a safe distance with her legendary.

  • Or maybe just don’t PVP at all unless you have friends who comprehend how to work with you and maybe have one of your friends be Galilea just to be safe, you know, because hey they get a lore mastery for doing it.

  • In conclusion, Ambra is still my favorite character, despite her having been transformed from commanding, dominating matriarch to feeble old lady.


I disagree with not getting into fights using Ambra.
All yesterday. (I am Faust)


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Yeah, I’ve had victories too. My issue may be more about matchmaking and bad luck than anything else.

Just saying, I use her as a versatile/dps and have no problem getting kills, I just dont spec her out for support.


LOL look at the other teams you played…they had no kills to speak of.
You cant use that as a justification to her viability. That is the worst use of a screenshot ever.

Thank you for the chuckle though


Much better actually.
Not entirely sure a buff of 10-15% to her dps wouldn’t make her more viable, but yea you should have started with that one.

I still play her almost exclusively, but I think she isn’t truly “balanced” right now. Most of us play her because she is fun as hell.

EDIT: BTW a kill death ration of just below 2:1 is pretty good for her current state. As a melee/dps/support if she was balanced and in the hands of a good player that would be closer to 4:1 or even 5:1++ in the hands of a really good player, but what can ya do.

She is definitely fun as hell.
She can stand to gain something, but I disagree with everyone who says she is broken and useless.
Then again, maybe I should jump on the bandwagon and hope they buff her again.

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I always try to play her as support. I am honestly more of an AOE skirmisher sort of person, which is why I’ve been doing so much better with Orendi lately. I was trying to make Ambra something she’s not, lol.

Try Miko…i never played him in Beta and thought I’d test him while I waited until 14, but wow. He is so much fun…To know you are allowing your team to wreck almost every match is a blast. And to stun people with a spaztic jump and dagger throw is fun.

I do like Miko, but I like Orendi more, lol.

I think she is best used when you focus all her healing ability on yourself, and increase her survivabilty as much as possible.

Yeah, that’s probably true. But I’ve fallen in love with the little Satanic Sonic the Hedgehog that is Orendi. I may not be able to go back.

Are either of you PC? Just add me and I’ll Miko to your Ambra any day. I enjoy both so much.

I’m Moonbat on Steam. :slight_smile:

I find Miko-Ambra, Marquis-Ambra, El Dragon-Ambra, and Galilea-Ambra to all be great combos

They are indeed!

I got that lesbian vibe as well, mostly with the way she gushes over Empress Lenore who I hope is one of the dlc characters. Not sure how likely that is though, that would mean she doesn’t back Rendain’s efforts and I’m not aware of anything in-game that suggests that is true.

mini spoiler maybe, it was stated by deande that the empress is dead :no_mouth: i believe rendain killed her ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

I main Ambra and always get a good score with her although I always seem to loose, mostly because my team will leave me in a lane by myself against 2 people and with nurfs I just can’t stop the minions without dieing from the enemy. I think the damage reduction is probably fine but I wish they would make her a better healer. The game has only 2 healers and I feel like Miko is the ONLY one good at it. Also, minions should NOT be able to damage sunspots.