THIS WEEKEND (17th, 18th, 19th, 20th Feb)

For those who haven’t caught on yet, there is actually a LOOTPOCALYPSE happening this weekend too, as well as the Battleborn day on Saturday. I was reading a thread the other day where people were saying they wanted faction and Legendary packs to buy as their credits were swelling up a bit…well yup, it’s on!

As such, this Saturday (February 18th) has been deemed Battleborn Day 2.0, and just like last time, we have a few things planned to help support this great community effort. We can’t emphasize that last part enough, by the way - this event is solely organized by the community itself. We’re just along for the ride, and we’re happy to support it in any way we can. Here’s what you can expect to see happening in-game from Friday, February 17th at 2pm PT (5pm ET) until Monday, February 20th at 8am PT (11am ET):

Boss Drop Rate increases: 50% (Normal difficulty) 75% (Advanced difficulty)
Champion and Elite enemy drop rate increases
All enemies and bosses drop more higher rarity gear
Rare and Epic packs have an increased chance to drop more Rare, Epic, and Legendary gear
Commander packs have an increased chance to drop more Epic and Legendary gear

Legendary and Faction Loot Packs will be available for purchase :acmaffirmative:
Skins and Taunts will be on sale
Special Battleborn Day Titles

So, got credits to spend!! Whooaa yeh baby :smile:
Loot Guide:

Also, if you missed the live stream they showed off the new Phoebe Operation:

(go to 42min 25sec)
( “Phoebe Operation Twitch stream”)


hell yeah, cant wait to buy some good packs

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I only have 150,000 credits to spend, tomorrow I will have 0…mwaahhahaahhhaaa!!!

I have 1.6 million credits, wish there was a way to share them. (Future feature request)

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sweet lord, I only have like 45K cuz I maxed out my gear slots and bank

to me this is #hype

I’ve been waiting months for this op since it was first leaked, I’ll be coming back to Battleborn to play this and ONLY play it as Phoebe!

So, anyone looking for a partner to find all the ops points and complete all ten playthroughs, you know who I am :wink:


Every time… every friggin time there’s a lootpocalypse roughly one week before I give up hope that there will be another one, and blow all my creds


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I have 500k credits and will probably spend more than half on legendary packs! How many hours left until the update kicks in?

Los Angeles is having it’s “worst rain in a decade” today and tomorrow.

Guess what I’ll be doing?!

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Taking a shower in he rain naked?


staying inside farming battleborn?

The only thing I will be showered in is Golden Legendaries.

Which begs the question that Ray asked before - - what time does the loot apocalypse start officially?

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thats what im wondering, been saving my lootpacks for a while now

From the text on the Battleplan it’s saying 5PM ET or 10PM UK

Not usre if anyone else is having major lag spikes today, but possible Matrix issues. Hopefully Neo will sort it out for the weekend.

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…It’s a beautiful day in Tennessee, just rode that Harley all over the mountains. :acmaffirmative:


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I spent it all on legendary packs… I got some pretty amazing ones! It was worth it!

You are Legend :smile:

I only got 8 Leg packs, but did some a good return of new ones. So far I have nealry 60 faction packs to open, gonna save them up for a huge loot-open-splosion frenzy. A few weeks back when i returned (like many after the winter update) I made a list of faction specific ones i wanted, only to find out they stopped selling them. So now is the time. Oh yes.

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Spent 330k on legendary packs. Got 3-4 new ones and many Recoil and Healing Received type legendaries =/