This Weekend's SHiFT Code and YOU

Hey guys,

As many of you know, our SHiFT code from this past weekend’s Play with the Devs event didn’t quite work as intended. Long story short, the SHiFT code should’ve awarded two skins (Oscar Mike’s “Tango Tango” and Whiskey Foxtrot’s “It’s Collectible Foxtrot!”) and a boost that would give you 3XP for 24 hours. For some people, the code worked fine, but for others … not so much. One of the most widely reported issues was that people were getting A LOT more than 24 hours of 3XP. Sounds fun, but obviously not the way we intended that boost to work. More on that below. Anyway, we want to make sure that we’re delivering on our promises to the community in every way possible, but especially when it comes to rewards that we offer you. To that end, we’ve reformulated our plan to make sure that everyone gets the things they were promised.

Below you’ll see two SHiFT codes – one for each skin. If you missed out on one or both of the skins, the codes below should make sure you get hooked up. If you experience any issues, contact our support team ( and they can look into your specific case for you.

Oscar Mike’s Tango Tango skin: HCK3J-9RRRR-C5WJH-RKR3J-T56HC
Whiskey Foxtrot’s “It’s Collectible Foxtrot!” skin: ZK5JJ-396RX-WWK3H-RW6TT-BSSH5

“Hang on a second there, tough guy! I was promised 3XP for 24 hours and I’m not leaving till I get it!”

Fair enough – we had that coming. How about this: to make it up to anyone who may have missed out on 3XP for 24 hours, beginning this Thursday (9/22) at 8am PT, we’ll turn on QUAD XP through Friday (9/23). The XP boost that you may still have active (as mentioned above), will be turned off about 24 hours from now (roughly 4pm PT).

We thank you all for your patience as our team has worked very hard to understand the issue and put together this new 4XP event. We hope you guys enjoy 4XP on Thursday and Friday leading into Lootpocalypse this weekend!


@FlamesForAll just saw your thread asking about the skins.

Also why quad xp now. I just finished leveling all of the characters and got mastery of all about 10 minutes after my triple xp ended.

Still though glad that this issue has been addressed for all who were missing the skins.

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This is probably a good way to handle things while you figure out what went wrong with the original SHiFT code. I’m not surprised that you are shutting off all the extra XP booster time that people got from trying to get the code redeemed and trying to apply the code several times unsuccessfully. Part of me is glad that you are doing this and part of me is sad. Why is it so rare for me to be of one mind on anything? :expressionless:

Anyway, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


And I did everything in my power to make sure that I used every second I was awake to level up the rest of my characters to 15.

And now I’m told there would be 4x XP in the future?

The glory of my hard work has been wasted.

At the very least, everyone is at lvl 15.

Man, now I can’t wait for the quad xp. Farewell, family and employers! I’m busy!


Any expiration date on entering the codes?

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It says the Whiskey Foxtrot code is invalid?

I have VERY CAREFULLY re entered 5 times now.


Nifty. Quad XP sounds fun. Hopefully the issues with matches not saving, “Black Screen”, getting kicked, etc is resolved by then.

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Just keep re-entering it until it works. I’m assuming it’s working like all of the normal codes we get. SHiFT has some weird bug that was fixed for a bit before a newer update broke the fix.

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well, code isn’t working for me for that Whiskey skin…shame.

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The new WTF code still doesn’t work for me. I guess I’ll put in a Support Ticket, so I can get on with my day :[

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Try putting the code in with all the letters in lower case. That’s what worked for me.

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Thanks, but no dice for all lowercase.

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Thanks, but I’ve already tried that multiple times, unfortunately.

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The WTF code isn’t working for me either are you guys on PSN as well @FlamesForAll & @Exousia ?

Ah, I should’ve mentioned that before. Yeah, I’m on PSN.

@Black_Bauer @Exousia

PSN also, yes.

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If you’re experiencing issues with the WF code, please contact support so we can get some documentation on your specific circumstance. They can also get you the skin, so no biggie.


We’ll be looking into this as well, but no guarantees on a time frame for a fix at this point.