This weeks challenge

Kill enemies with a grenade
Have you ever killed anything in BL3 with a grenade and you have to kill 250 almost laughable I have dropped into m0 using m10 grenade cloning hex I killed 22 and I ran out of ammo

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Get Guardian 4N631. The damage increase based on distance applies to grenades.

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so guardian kills count as grenade kills?

No - but it boosts all damage based on distance IIRC, so it makes it easier to kill with grenades.

Interesting… have heard great things about this, but was wondering what that mechanic was. Like in Amara’s hands with Phasecast; if she throws that while holding this gun, will that get a damage multiplier based on distance from the target?

Anyone know if Vladof under-barrel grenade launcher kills count for this?

Yes, it will work as the Guardian Angel gives global v2.
It will multiply everything you do. Not your pets though as FL4K, not Clone, not Iron Bear. But Drone get it iirc.

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Mitosis Hunter Seeker with an Unforgiven equipped is quite effective on FL4K.

turn off mayhem and go to a low level place like the droughts or ascension bluff and throw a fish slap around.

though that would probably count as melee and not grenades.

Interesting… that weapon is currently bound to Amara and Hyperion guns only. I’m definitely going to try it with Phasecast (and maybe Downfall from some serious height?) :thinking:

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That should work yes. Also the dot that you might apply will be increased if you run away afterwards.

Holy ■■■■.

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Answering my own question: No.

A few things I hadn’t noticed before though while running through with a low-level (12/13) Moze hunting skags and varkids:

  • Varkid pods weren’t taking any grenade damage at all - not even a single tick despite being over-levelled for the map
  • Skags can apparently swallow grenades, nullifying them?
  • Skags will also play fetch; this can be hazardous to your health…
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Finally got a fish slap it is the first grenade that I have tried that is really effective