This weeks event is pretty nice

The anointment droprate is through the roof. Almost feels like every drop is anointed. The reduced Mayhem modifiers are nice as well.


Feel like this could be moved to the week 4 thread in the news section so you can continue your discussion there. But yea this event is one of the best so far. Time to get those rare annointments

Get Ready for Week 4 of the Borderlands’ 10-Year Anniversary Event!

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i don’t see it, i hav been farming for 5 hours now, and i have gotten 1 annoited legendary, and it was on a gun i would much rather throw into a volcano then sell. the westergun from beans.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get the update bank size yet.

It’s absolutely useless to me.

All I see are annointed blues and purples

Crazy Earl does it better

I still see the same modifiers on xbox one

Is the event even working for console?

Modifiers did not change for me but its raining anointed

Yeah but all mine are blues and purples

Crazy Earl does the same but better

I’m on ps4, modifiers are working and almost every drop seems to be anointed.