This week's event may be good for the game long term

I feel like this week’s event would be good for the game if it stayed in long term. Before, you would either have to get really lucky or farm for a very long time to see the legendary you want with the anointment you need. I don’t know if anointments were intended to be as rare as they are pre-event but the fun of the game is farming, playing around with builds, and just having fun. Keeping the rate of anointment drops allows us as players to do exactly that, especially since many builds perform well with certain anointments such as Melee Amara or an Bottomless Mag Moze that relies on +50% elemental damage after action skill, builds that would be pretty subpar without the proper anointments.

As a player it’s fun sifting through the mass of legendaries to find the proper one with good rolls and anointments so I can theorycraft new builds instead of just looking at what the hot new thing is. It allows for a much more variety of gameplay than the lower anointment rate did, and after all is that not what Gearbox was going for by nerfing the various guns and builds early on? I understand why those nerfs were needed since a few builds and set of guns were utterly outperforming every one, it does not justify every single nerf, but it does allow for a larger variety of builds to be attractive by bringing things back on level.

In short, a higher anoinment drop rate like we are seeing now would be good for the game since it allows for a larger variety of builds to be viable and more easily accessible.

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I am confused, what event is currently going on and how is it related to anointed weapons? I thought it was supposed to be a Halloween event?

Nevermind, I found the details of the event.