This whole new matchmaking

Completely broke the game for me and my girlfriend. We used to have fun going duo q. Sometimes we faced 800h+ 5 man stacks and lost, sometimes we faced newbs, and sometimes we had really exciting, balanced matches. And that was k. We’ve played over 20 games in this “improved” matchmaking and all the time we had 3 random guys in team(either newbs or 400h guys at best) against 5-man at least 400h+ stacks. Had about 2 fun games out of over 20. Totally unplayable right now, i feel even worse than at lvl 1 many hours ago. If the devs won’t change that (and i assume they won’t, since the player number have raised) we gonna drop Battleborn. Really painful, but 20 matches full of frustration is enough.

i just solo queued and got always 4 randoms, often against lvl 100+ (dont know about the hours though). we actually did pretty good, it was like 4 wins out of 6 (on PC). i think it’s just luck which team you’re on. I really do hope it gets better for you two :slight_smile: if you get matched with noobs just leave the queue for a few minutes after the match so you don’t get rematched with them after the round.

What did they change?