This Zane's Green Tree Capstone idea will change Calm Cool Collected builds forever

This is just an idea but what if the capstone gave the effect of “Freezing enemies procs kill skills”
This idea is targeted mostly at bossing for CCC builds, but it also creates CCC build diversity.

table of content

  1. intro
  2. Why CCC builds suck
  3. What this idea will add to the game
  4. Will this change be too powerful?

There are really 2 separate ways to build calm cool collected. Dome and clone (green and orange), or dome and Mantis (green and purple). I am going to ignore the Mantis build because it allows you to proc kill skills without this idea. I also want to focus more on using conductor and hustler as these class mods are the ones you use with calm cool collected without mantis.

Why Calm Cool Collected builds suck
Calm Cool Collected builds are only good at mobbing. There are two main problems with these builds when it comes to bossing. I use save editor and mod in “god-rolled items and perfect anointed weapons” to test my builds so trust me when I say the build lacks damage, it’s not the items, it’s the skill tree build.

First of all, damage and kill skills
Mobbing works because Zane can use icebreaker and momentum from his kill skills.
Most of Zane’s damage outside of clone comes from kill skills and that’s where the problem is at. When it comes to bossing, Zane must rely on clone to do most of the damage. Without enemies spawning in boss rooms Zane can’t proc his kill skills meaning he will not have a fun time. Not only that but even if the boss spawn enemies to kill he has to divert his attention away from the boss to rebuff his kill skills every 8 to 15 seconds. It gets even worse when you can stack most kill skills twice which means you lose so much when you fail to rebuff yourself.

Secondly, you can’t freeze bosses
Because you can’t freeze bosses Icebreaker and other things that require frozen enemies won’t work (refreshment skill and melee damage bonus on frozen).
Freezing bosses is debatable and I’m not really for it or against it either.
The only saving grace for CCC builds is that you can proc CCC on bosses with Brain freeze or Our Man Flynt (purple capstone). Although a bit hard to do on some bosses, this at least allows him to reset his active skill durations. This pseudo-freezing can be done every 8 seconds. Maybe Gearbox can add Icebreaker and stuff to work when bosses are pseudo-frozen but this isn’t what this post is about.

There are 2 main class mods that synergizes with CCC builds and somewhat negates these problem
Conductor and Hustler (don’t @ me with Cold Warrior, you know what’s wrong with it)
Conductor - this class mods give damage when skills are on and more so with skill duration. CCC allows you to reset action skill duration for maximum damage from Conductor. This effect will help with problem number 1 a bit as it gives him a damage source outside of kill skills. The problem with this is that it is just not enough damage.
Hustler - this is the other class mod you might use in CCC builds as it puts points into Brain freeze and allows you to pseudo-freeze bosses triggering CCC without having to crit them. It also gives a bit of damage when not aiming for crits. This is the one to use for bossing, especially when you can’t hit crits.

What this idea will add to the game
Ok with all that said and done about CCC builds, how will “Freezing enemies procs kill skills” solve our problems?

I won’t discuss problems number 2 as I think it is an active mechanic that creates a playstyle specific to, or item build for CCC builds. (critting bosses or Hustler class mod) The idea also doesn’t do anything to remedy it.

This idea solves problem number 1 allowing for Zane to get back his kill skills without having to kill enemies. We used Seein’ Dead and the Seein’ Red changes. We know how powerful Zane can be with full up time on kill skills. Not only that but it allows him to flex around not having micromanage killing enemies to maintain kill skills. This idea gives some of that to Zane’s CCC builds. What this idea does is allows Zane to get kill skills by critting bosses with Brain freeze or Our Man Flynt (purple capstone). This doesn’t change CCC playstyle and only adds to it. This synergizes with Green Tree as you will proc Best Served Cold and Futility Belt by critting. Imagine that, Cryo nova when freezing enemies or critting bosses.

Now I’m going to talk about how this change effect CCC builds using the other skill trees also.
Considering there are 7 kill skills below tier 3, (3 in blue, 2 in orange, 2 in purple). It allows CCC build diversity as they can mix kill skill for different playstyles. Assuming you invest only halfway in the other tree.
Blue tree allows a speedy build using Violent Momentum and Violent Speed. You can get a bit of life steal or reload speed in this tree. Drone delivery allows for on throw anoint for more damage every 15 seconds.
Orange Tree has Donnybrook and Fractal Frags, but all skills have some use in this skill tree, so I’d always commit half into this tree. Especially for Borrowed Time Conductors. Fractal Frags and Duct Tape mod procs on throw anoint too.
Purple tree allows slower gameplay focusing on crits or you can make it speedy with Fugitive. But that’s about it.

Here is what will happen for more in-depts builds

Dome and Clone (Green and Orange)
Dome and Clone builds gets the least effectiveness as the points go into clone rather than kill skills. Donnybrook will be active more often buffing clone’s damage. Fractal Frags will allow you to have grenades out if you want or to just proc on throw anoint. I guess Pocket Full of Grenades is a thing. I’d use Conductor for Borrowed Time, but Hustler is fine too if you don’t want to aim at crit spots.

Dome and Purple (Green and Purple)
Like I said I won’t discuss using Mantis. The only skills that are getting used in this tree is Headsman’s Hand and Commitment. This build is a slower playstyle requiring aiming down sights. The build is really only for snipers or Smog as it uses Our Man Flynt for the damage. You can also pseudo-freeze with it meaning you don’t need Brain Freeze. Hustler works well with this tree so go that rather than Conductor. You will be using drone so snag drone delivery for that on throw anoint.

Dome and Drone (Green and Blue)
This idea actually makes full commitment to blue tree viable. Because you have an almost a guaranteed way of procing kill skills you won’t feel bad for investing into this tree. This tree is for your speed builds. All the skills beside Seein’ Red is good. Although Seein’ Red is fine to start a fight and it’s 10% kill skill bonus. Death Follows Close will be especially important here and I’ll go over why in the next section. If you want the most damage for Zane himself then this is the tree to go. Conductor for most damage, Hustler for lazyness.

Will this change be too powerful?
Besides its build diversity, I don’t think it will add to much too the game. It really only makes bossing easier and I don’t think that the damage from Best Served Cold every 8 second will do much to make CCC builds a top build.

Wait every 8 seconds?
Yes, and that is where the biggest weakness of the idea is at. You can only psuedo-freeze a boss every 8 seconds which is exactly the time when kill skills will disappear. So, you won’t be able to stack your kill skills at all with this idea without Death Follows Close. This idea will mostly make CCC builds bareable when bossing.

The only other thing I would change is to add Icebreaker and other frozen effects to work on psuedo-frozen bosses but I think that would make other builds with Brain freeze or Our Man Flynt too strong without having to invest into CCC. This change would only effect Zane as I believe he is the only one to be pseudo-freeze. Let me know if frozen heart can pseudo-freeze.

Anyways let me know what you guys think. I love the idea of Zane being the cryo guy and made so many builds with CCC but they are all barely Guardian Takedown worthy.

It is a very good idea. Many people have had the same or similar idea iirc. Sadly, i dont think that they will make a change that is that substantial. All we can hope for is, that we’ll get a class mod having that gimmick and a lot more on top.

I’d be fine with making it so bosses can proc being frozen, without requiring Brain Freeze, even if they instantly/quickly break it, or it only significantly slows them. It’s not like freezing ANY enemies is anywhere near as useful or practical as it was in TPS.