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Teshka Elessamorn – nicknamed “Thorn” for her short temper – was the last aelfrin child of her homeworld before it was darkened by the Varelsi. Thorn ranges the jungle-wilds of Ekkunar and beyond with her bow “Kreshek” and her battle-honed skill with advanced Eldrid “magic.”


A naturalistic order of observers and scientists, charged with the stewardship of the natural order of the cosmos. Long ago, the reach of the legendary Eldrid spanned entire galaxies – but as the stars themselves have faded into darkness, so too has the might of this ancient faction. As all eyes turn to Solus, what remains of the Eldrid are grappling with their place in a darkening universe as they rally in defense of the Last Star.


Health: 1/5
Power: 5/5
Range: 5/5
Speed: 5/5

Basic Attacks, survival, and passive skill


Thorn’s devastating Ekkuni longbow can be augmented to increase damage, range, and accuracy. Ready and hold an arrow to charge it.

I really like the different ways you can use the Bow, either speed or power as well as putting on the curse by charging foir a debuff.

Eldrid Vitality

Thorn carries no shield, relying instead on rapid health regeneration to survive in combat.

Not much to say here, thorn is squishy but has a high mobility and fast healing, so you can get hit and heal if you can keep moving. Interesting a bit for sniper type play.


Fires a horizontal swath of 5 arrows, each dealing 42-56 damage. Volley arrows ricochet off of world terrain.

At first glance this doesn’t excite me that much, often with things like this the extra arrows would be too wide to hit what you want, but this game does have a lot of minion play where it will be really nice and the Helix tree has a lot of upgrades to really make Volley pretty great.


Summons a field of corruption for 6 seconds. Enemies caught within this field take 32-42 damage every 0.5 seconds.

This is pretty nice for her a dot that can do from 384 to 504 if you can keep someone in it, I don’t know if the DOT stays on them when they leave. But either way this can put out some damage and has really interesting Helix upgrades, where you might want to put it on you to buff yourself.

Wrath of the Wild

After a brief charging period, hurls a massive energy bomb that explodes for up to 525-750 damage and knocks enemies backward.

The damage here is solid and the knockback helps as well, it doesn’t seem as exciting as some of the other ultimate abilities and yeah its nature and her but not much to do with archery. The 2 Helix choices for this are both pretty good. There is nothing wrong wtih her ultimate but for some reason its not that exciting to me compared to some of the other ones. I’m still really excited for her, just not this.

Nature’s Judgement

Enemies hit with a charged arrow are cursed for 8 seconds. Skills and charged arrows deal 35% additional damage to cursed targets.

I really like this passive ability, one of my favorites so far. The choice to charge for damage and curse vs spray arrows faster is interesting to me, and the fact you can debuff the enemies for your other attacks is great. She should be able to put out a ton of damage with curse and her Helix tree supports it nicely.

Helix Tree

Tier 1


Enemies damaged by Blight are slowed for a short time.


Volley arrows can go through multiple targets.

This is a hard one, slowing enemies will make them easier to curse and kill, but I love penetration and with 5 arrows its even better. I think your MOBA/trash mob maps will be the Volley and more strait PVP will be swamp.

Tier 2


When Thorn is touching Blight’s field, all of her arrows become cursed.


Thorn receives a short speed boost when touching Blight’s field. +30% Movement Speed

I really love the ideas in this tier. Use Blight Field right in front of you to keep enemies off of you and boost yourself. The cursed earth sounds a bit better though because as it stands being able to curse more rapid sounds pretty amazing. She is already fast so I don’t see the need for wind as much but you could use it to get to safety I guess.

Tier 3


Arrows penetrate multiple targets.


In addition to dealing damage, Thorn’s melee attack now propels her backwards. Can be used once every 2 seconds.

Another tier I really like, since Thron is a bit on the squishy side the self knockback sounds great, but once again Penetration is amazing and with the ability to curse its even better. On the other hand I have seen a lot of enemies in the trailers that love to charge you, so the ability to push back, drop a blight and run away sounds pretty solid.

Tier 4


Volley arrows curse targets on hit.


Volley shoots two additional arrows in a wider arc. +2 Arrows

It keeps getting better another tier with 2 awesome choices. The ability to curse so many enemies with volley sounds amazing, even more with the fact you can get penetration on your volley. While I said 5 arrows can be too wide 7 would be even worse, but if your are dealing with waves or minions a 7 arrow volley will be really strong. I like them both and will most likely pick one based on the game mode and map I am playing.

Tier 5


Increases curse duration on enemies. +4s Duration


Curse status deals additional bleed damage to afflicted enemies. +12 Damage Per Second

Did I mention that I love the curse effect yet? No? I love it. Both of these again are great sounding. DOT vs Duration. As it stands naked curse lasts for 8 seconds so the DOT would do 96 damage, which is solid damage for sure. Not great but think what that with a 7 arrow volley with penetration could do to waves of little robots coming for your base. It would be super powerful. Then again a 12 Second Curse on Badass enemies, Bosses, or other Battleborn in PVP sounds really nice. Once again game mode and map will most likely determine which one I go with. But DOT on enemy battleborn in pvp might just be the difference as well.

Tier 6


Blight’s area of effect of damage is increased. +15% Damage


Volley’s cooldown time is reduced. -20% Cooldown

I kinda like the volley cooldown here, I know I said above that volley didn’t excite me but if you have read this far you are seeing the combos with it so doing it more often sounds great to me.

Tier 7


Increases the accuracy of Thorn’s standard arrow attack. +50% Accuracy


Increases the height of Thorn’s jump.

I really don’t know on this tier, her attack look pretty accurate already so I don’t know how helpful that will be, but jump does sound more helpful in keeping her mobile and hard to hit. Also lets you get places others might not be able to reach.

Tier 8


Increases Blight’s effective duration. +6s Duration


Blight can be summoned at greater distances. +100% Casting Range

This depends on how you plan on using Blight, if you go with CURSED EARTH you might want to increase the duration and cast it close or if you are playing her back more the extra range might go good with the slowdown effect on it to help you snipe.

Tier 9


When Volley deals health damage to an enemy, a portion of Thorn’s health is restored. +30% Life Steal


Increases Volley arrow damage. +15% Damage

This tier for me right now sounds like a no brainer, Archers Boon, the reason why is its about the only survival skill so far and she most likely will need it. Also with Volley’s abilities to hit so much you can hopefully put out a ton of damage to heal with.

Tier 10


Wrath of the Wild’s energy bomb bounces through the world up to five times, detonating with every bounce.


Wrath of the Wild leaves a Blight field behind after detonation.

Wild Judgement sounds like the winner here, but I did use the Rolling Thunder and Boom Puppy in Borderlands 2, they were not as good in practice as on paper. Blight Fields can be upgraded with the helix and are pretty solid so I might go with that for consistency.

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So Thorn has no posts yet? Well let me be the first, I hope she’s not anything like Zer0 personally. It seems like she has a summon (and I feel like I’m just copying what I’ve said on the real forum) but she has a summon in the scalewolf that can possibly do some tanking while she’s in the back lining up headshot after headshot. Her summon seems like a momentary diversion for her to do some damage.

Other than that, I can’t wait to get my hands on her.

Shame i couldn’t find any gameplay footage of Thorn, as she has such a striking personality I’m dying to see her in action. I’ve played FFXIV and Dragon Age:I since Borderlands 2 and have really enjoyed Archer gameplay, so she’s looking good and probably my starting character when it comes out. Rath looks utterly OP in the footage - lol - but I’m sure he’s not.

edit: found some blippits in this video:

Have to say the graphic artists have done some fine work on Battle born, and Thorn has taken over from Maya - until she reappears in Borderlands 3? hehhehehe

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Rath and Miko have that covered. If you look in the video i posted it has footage of Miko throwing ninja blades which is very kunai like, and Rath has the sword play.

What I meant by that is I hope Thorn and all of these characters are fresh characters. Only taking a few concepts from other games… and well, I hope the focus of Thorn’s archery means bows in the next Borderlands. I has the faith in @Jythri.

I also hope they feel fresh to you @daerksiea. We often start the characters with a gameplay concept in mind (elven archer, laser samurai katana vampire, gentleman robot sniper, etc), but we often keep tuning the character until they really come to be their own thing.

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Again, I has the faith that it will be an awesome game. I hope I have a PS4 by the time of release.

By the way, check out this Thorn Cosplay in progress!

Looks good so far. Be interesting to see how she makes the pauldrons and the bow.

Full Thorn gameplay session by GhostRobo


Comes without a shield? Challenge accepted.

… now where is my demo?

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First Marquis, now Thorn.

Do you have any more gameplay videos from a single perspective?

Sorry i’m not the one recording those videos. i do try to keep up2date on my Battleborn info. and if i find quality content i’ll post it here and on my website.

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Yeah I know, but you always seem to be 2 steps ahead in finding info.

Who else would have the audacity to check the official site? :dukejk:

In that video Ghostrobo said he’s played that section 3 times at e3 and 7 at Comic Con. So I rushed to his YouTube channel hoping he had vids of all 10.

Sadly he did not.

He also seems to be the only youtube person to record their own footage, all the others just use the stock footage from 2K.

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does anyone know if Thorn has a Russian accent or not?

I highly doubt it.

Why are you asking about that accent for Thorn specifically?

Actually… from the gameplay footage, I’ve been delving in, she does sound russian.

If you watch this video, the Battleborn do talk to each other and she’s the only female on the team. (comprised of Rath, Montana, Oscar Mike and Miko.) Adding to this, her real name is Teshka (via the Battleborn site), the Eldrid could be based on Eastern Europe and Asian countries. Look at Mellka, Miko and Boldur.


Did you guys know thorn used to be a pet class character. her ultimate ability used to be her pet dog/wolf ‘Scalewolf’, “a lightning fast canine companion that hones in on and devastates targets.” (from Game Informer Arcticle)
I wonder why they ditched it, it was probably op.

I asked a very similar question in another thread. It was ditched, I’m conflicted about it. As much as I hate pets in game, it seemed really cool.

Updated the OP, I need to add comentary