Thorn DPS problem

So, and I may be just be simply wrong about this, last time I was paying exact attention to the numbers of damage popping up when I was hitting someone with Thorn it SEEMED (since I don’t know the exact fire rate difference) like I was losing a whole lot of DPS (with 100% accuracy) when I chose to wait and charge every single arrow over spamming the trigger… Which does not make sense, it counter incentivizes using thorn’s passive and charging your arrows at all.
Maybe it is a bad idea for only charged arrows passed the intial cursing arrow to do increased damage, maybe all arrows past the initial charged cursing arrows should recieve the buff? Or would that go against the character’s theme too much (because personally I really like playing Thorn a bit more up close and mobile than a normal sniper would, it’s fun as hell, but am I alone on this)?

Edit: Sideote- It would be great if the full game had a sensitivity solely for when scoped, because as it is now the sensitivity when I’m zooming in with Thorn is too low, yet while using hip-fire it’s perfect and if I were to increase the sentivity hip fire would be too fast while being scoped would be perfect. Just a nice feature :slight_smile:

I thought the damage buff from the curse was on all arrows as long as the target were cursed. You shouldn’t have to keep charging arrows after they are cursed.

That is what I thought too, but when I reviewed Thorns ability’s and looked closely it turned out I was wrong.

The tooltip states:
“Enemies hit with a charged arrow are cursed for 8 seconds. Skills and charged arrows deal 35% additional damage to cursed targets.”


Basically XD, hope this gets fixed or something soon.

Honestly, I think Thorn needs some buffs in general. I was really looking forward to her, especially considering how much she’s been marketed, and it seems like she’s pretty outclassed. I’ve yet to see anyone using her well. I actually think a solid attack speed buff would help her out more than anything.

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Am I the only one who finds it a bit too difficult to land shots with her, mostly when compared to Marquis, I get it’s a differently style of sniping and such but still… Feels like is overly difficult to land even body shots forget crits, on mobile targets that is… Probably just me?

I haven’t had trouble landing hits. You have to learn to lead your shots. Once you get it down it’s pretty consistent. The problem is that you have to land a ton of shots to be effective. She’s a very different kind of sniper from Marquis. I personally play her as kind of a scout to sneak forward and pick at people to draw them towards my team given how tempting it can be to chase a Thorn for an easy kill. I can’t tell you how many Thorns I’ve seen standing smack in the center of a lane firing shot after shot to no effect. Additionally, she really needs some sort of hit confirmation. Sometimes I’ll have to wonder if I hit a target at all.

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It would be cool to add cc to cursed arrows.

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Yeah that is the exact problem, leading shots, maybe I should turn off the aim assist, seems like it’s counteracting me.

Personally I play her as a hit and run assassin, especially when my ult is up, due to her insane movement speed and regeneration.

That sounds like a great helix idea.

I haven’t had trouble with aim assist, but like I said, I don’t really go for kills, I try and bait people out of position and draw them toward my teammates. Occasionally I’ll get a kill on a retreating enemy, but the teamwork aspect of this game is what really does it for me, and I’ll take assists just as well as kills. I agree that she needs a few things tweaked though.

Edit: Ditto to the cc on cursed arrows!

Only problem I could see with a play style such as yours (taking advantage of her mobility, regeneration, and her ult), which seems to be more or less the only effective style of play for her is if she was intended to be this way, more of a ranger/scout over a sniper… Not sure if that was the intended goal.

Edit: Yeah hell not much of a sniper: seems like 60% of my damage is coming from abilities. Maybe 50%. Also above was worded horribly.

Yeah, I think her agility was supposed to be her greatest asset from the get go, and she is super mobile. Given her hit-n-run playstyle I think a long range scout is her ultimate role. Personally I think it causes her to struggle to fit on a team as well as numerous other characters. She has her niche, but it doesn’t seem to need filled very often. Oh well, I guess we’ll see how she turns out in the game proper.

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Excellently worded and accurate.

Thorn has great dmg and just requires some practice. Once you know how to play her well she is a beast.

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What would you say is playing her well? I don’t mean that in a smart way, I’m genuinely curious. I really like her character but have only managed mild success with her so far, so I’m game for any suggestions.

I don’t use her but my brother has had tons of success with her. I believe off the top of my head he uses her as a mobile assassin that secures kills with her ult. I believe he grabs all of the movement speed stuff on her helix such as 30% when in her blight and the melee that propels her backwards. If your curious how he uses her I’ll ask after work and post his build and what not.

Yeah that seems to be what the succesful Thorn population is doing, if anything it turns her into more of a caster. As said before the only issue I see with this is that it may or may not be her original character design, her description even states sniper, although it also states agile. So yeah… As far as balancing goes however aside from the original topic of the curse thing I think she may need a minor buff, she feels just a tad bit weak… Maybe to attack speed.

Over the course of the Technical Test and Open Beta, I’ve had tons of success with Thorn. She’s almost all I play, and I’ve played the game a lot more than most people, and a little less than some. I find the best way to take her Helix is going R2 all the way. The only one where I find it doesn’t really matter is the one where you buff curse damage, curse duration for get 100% shield pen when enemies are cursed as a mutator. I have yet to get the lvl 12 mutator, but I’m pretty close.

Thorn really is a strong caster, and her bow attacks do exceptional damage when you hit them. She’s really rewarding to people who can land her basic attacks, but that’s not always easy. When you’re fighting, you should use your spells on cool down, and keep in mind blight is a good get away tool if things go wrong. If you put down a blight, and the enemy gets out of it, try and melee them back into it. Thorn may not have a shield, but she isn’t exactly squishy and can skirmish pretty well with her kiting abilities and spells. Her ultimate has REALLY good burst and can catch enemies off guard. I hardly ever charge an arrow to curse when kiting someone because it’s slow and hardly worth. The only times I charge arrows are if someone is standing still, or if I’m hitting a big body. Thorn is really good at securing kills, and has a sort of high skill cap if you want to play her optimally.

The items I build are a health regen item that increases healing revived whenever I take damage. Then I have a move speed and heal power item. Lastly, I build an attack damage item, with move speed and increased damage when I’m below 25% hp. These items give me really good sustain in fights, and I rarely have to actually port back to base. The final item also makes me more scary to duel, and helps me win close fights, or take enemies by surprise entirely with my higher damage output when they try to dive me.

All in all, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a buff, maybe some kind of change to her curse passive, but I think she’s pretty balanced.

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