Thorn Exploit (or legit tactic)

Incursion Map

  • Get Thorn Lv 3
  • Get the Helix that pushes you back with melee attack
  • You can now get into the enemy sniper nest by jumping and pushing yourself backwards at the top of your jump
  • Destroy all their turrets

Sounds like its unintended, normally such skills only push you back if the hit connects to an enemy,
on the other hand there are heroes who can double jump so its not a gamebreaking exploit.

True. ISIC’s blink, Attikus’ Pounce, and Benedict can all get up there. The first time I saw the enemy thorn in our sniper nest I thought for sure they were cheating lol

Thorn’s level three arrow penetrate is too valuable in clearing lanes(if it actually works) to fool around with melee. But melka level 2 increased vertical gets you up there no problem.

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Yeah, unless they want to bar areas like that off from EVERY character who can get up to high vertical spaces (especially Benedict, for whom that’s like… half his character) I wouldn’t call it an exploit when any specific character does it.

Creative use of mobility skills / augments is one of the really interesting things about the competitive mode. :smiley:

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I prefer to use Shayne & Aurok’s fetch to pull them out of their hidey hole and scare the crap out of them :smiley:

Nah, I don’t think he arrow penetrate is all the necessary, especially if you took Piercing Volley at Lvl 1.

Burst Propulsion at level 3 just gives Thorn so much mobility and kiting potential on its own. Then you pair that with Fell Wind (Lvl 2) and Vaulter Hunter (lvl 7), and you’re completely untouchable.

Also, I don’t think it benefits Mellka as much as it benefits Thorn to get to those tough to reach areas.

I always go with slow on level one, especially to counter cloaks. But ill have to try this out. Nice to know she is effective in multiple ways.

Yeah, I do think the slow certainly isn’t bad, but I think the Piercing Volley gives Thorn more utility, and even damage if you can use it correctly.

The volley arrows can hit the same target multiple times because of ricochet.

But mellka’s melee is perfect for those opportunities. Thorn can only really drop an aoe. Shooting a sniper at close range isn’t easy, especially with the sentry right there.

I don’t regularly play Incursion, so I’m not quite sure of the place you’re talking about.

Edit: Atleast it sounds like you’re talking about incursion because you mentioned sentry.

If you’re talking about on Paradise, Thorn definitely has a bigger advantage than Mellka there. She can hit turrets pretty easily from long range because they don’t move, lol.

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Galilea with Vortex pulls them straight to the middle of no man’s land