Thorn - Helix option lvl 7 left Helix "Eagle-Eye"

Left Helix in level 7 there’s a option called “Eagle-Eye” that gives you -
" Increases the accuracy of Thorn’s standard arrow attack. +50% Accuracy "

Okay … what does that mean ? my average aiming becomes God-Like ?!

Can someone explain this to me ?!
like really !!

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I believe its like Montana’s accuracy buffs and the reticle gets smaller. But if you think it does than it does… Placebo!


Every range character has a spread. So no character has 100% accuracy, but some are more accurate than others. For example, Mellka’s spread is pretty wide and isn’t the most accurate, but Caldi has a much smaller spread so it’s more pinpoint. So Thorn’s 50% increase decreases the spread of the shot, most noticeably on far ranged shots.

Either way, I like the jump boost, but if you like accuracy boost better, then go for it.

I cant test it right now but i think it has to do with how far the arrow can travel before it starts to fall

Kleese has no spread on his attack so he has 100% accuracy. In exchange he as slow projectile speed.

So as I thought its just … useless

I don’t think Alani or Orendi have spread either. Mostly gun type users (Thorn has a bow so I guess)

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True, and they also have slow projectile speed.

Edit: All three of them also have larger than average projectile size.

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I dont think is usless… If you go full sniper thorn with crit, attack power and idk hp? You can snipe from a good distance without be middle sniper and use your blight to curse every single arrow.

It’s kind of useful, but the jump boost is waaaay better. I’ll occasionally take it in a particularly long-range PvE, but not usually in PvP.