Thorn is dumb >: |

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Elves are dumb. Why does she have rapid health regeneration? Its called Eldrid Vitality. Eldrid is the faction. Joining a faction does not magically impart health regeneration. He ‘real’ talent is her running speed and jump height, aka cowardly running away from battle. Boldur’s talent mentions high health regeneration too BUT I DONT SEE IT >: | Give boldur whats his, thorn has stolen enough from boldur


Lol, I’m not gonna take this post too seriously, but I will point a few things out.

Thorn was born an Edlrid, she didn’t just join and then had Vitality, lmao.

Elves are particularly known for guerilla fighting styles.

Last but not least, chill out lol.

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Well you dont have to take it too seriously but you should at least read it >: | Eldrid is a faction, not a Race. Her race is elf scum, thats why its silly.
She can guerilla her boney ass to a healing station, thats what her high movement speed and jumping is good for. I at first assumed “high speed and extra jump height” would be in her bio but its not, which is actually weird. Makes her difficult to bodyblock so that ‘should’ be her Passive/Talent.
I know what elves are known for thats why i hate them! What they are not known for is a strong constitution, that would be yours truly.
While Boldurs talent specifically says “Great shield and extra HP regen!” But it doesnt seem to actually be there. Should update it to be specific and if its not passive, it needs clarified.


Boldur’s shield can block a whopping 2000 damage. It’d be broken if he had the same health regen as thorn, who also has less health than boldur.

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So ? ISIC’s shield blocks that much and hes got ranged lethal damage, good hp, shields, and a better escape/chase/stun. Thorn can stay back and run. Shes skinny and agile, thats her survivability. Boldur has a painful early game, if the advertised HP regen isnt actually there, it should be.


If? As in you’re not sure?

Thorn and Boldur are completely different characters that fill completely different roles. I’m not sure why you’re trying to compare them. Boldur is a tank, and like most tanks, he excels when coupled with a support.

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Doesn’t Thorn have NO shield at all?



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Well then this complaint is a bit silly…


My thoughts exactly.

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As in passives in the Helix specify an amount of regeneration and a condition, this does not. It actually sounds like lore fluff. I’m comparing them because her role is not to tank but she has HP regen? Shes also overpowered if anything while Boldur desperately needs it. Without a Healer he, like a few others, are faced with two options. Dont level up or die.

@Master_Beef all Eldrid have no shields, thats kind of their thing. It doesnt even say how much of a HP regen thing it is for Thorn

Thinking a dwarf tank should have HP regen instead of an elf assassin is as reasonable and logical as you can get. Especially considering the power discrepancy. Even more-so that she has EXTRA abilities not even mentioned on her stats (speed/jump height) that should replace it. If you refuse to see reason, dont comment. WITHOUT a healer hes just gotta run back and forth all game to base, tanks need their own limited sustain.

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No shield is a fairly big penalty imo…


Mellka is an Elf Assassin.

While I agree Boldur is underpowered, I don’t think you’re picking the right argument here. You’re comparing a tank with a damage dealer. Boldur has a larger health pool than Thorn does, and a 2000 shield. Idk why you’re on the Thorn forum complaining about Boldur, but you should reconsider your thoughts.

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I’m comparing them in a lore sense, i mean they could change the description because “Eldrid Vitality” sounds like it would apply to ALL of the ELDRID right? Its also a smack in the face of reason, shes as skinny as a carrot. It’d be like Montana having a “Super agile!” passive. Both Eldrid warriors could really benefit from this kind of passive.
Shes a agile/sniper but i just consider that to be an assassin anyways. Squishy, damage.

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As a note, all Eldrid do have innate health regeneration. Thorn, Boldur, Mellka, Miko, Kelvin: all of 'em have it, from the moment you start the game. Learning to survive without a techie shield is their thing, like how all Jennerit get access to life steal for being space vampire weirdos.

Besides the inherent Eldrid regen, Thorn’s only other means of regaining health takes the form of 30% life leech on one ability with a level 9 helix choice. Meanwhile Boldur can take an exta +21hp/s regeneration in helixes, regains health by blocking with his runic shield, and can potentially pick up the ability to 100% heal himself by activating his Runes of Power a second time while they’re still active. Couple that with his shield’s ability to ignore damage, his ability to generate an overshield by charging and his passive regularly granting him 35% damage resist, he can wind up with more sustain than any other tank in the game. So you don’t have much to worry about in that department. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, since with all this vitriol pointed her way I feel like you might be unaware: Thorn is Boldur’s granddaughter. Be nice to her. :wink:

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Oh im well aware of all of that, i play Boldur exclusively and got his lore. And Thorn is still a jerk to him and others. Boldurs just too nice. But its good to know they’re all supposed to have Regen, but when you have Boldurs HP pool its not really enough to keep him in a lane like other tanks/brawlers. Like another post said, telling us HOW MUCH these kind of things offer would be nice. Because boldur should get more.
Those helix’s are unfortunately the inferior options partly BECAUSE of his ultimate (and because 15% more DR). But thats 5+, 1-4 is where he needs lovings, a lot of characters just struggle fighting minions because its going to cost them in HP.
Maybe a standing HP regeneration boost…


I normally don’t even take this because the other option is damage, lol.

I just have a Life regen item.

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Yeah, a lot of player’s forget that regen item’s exist in the game… Guess people want a crutch character to fall back on that’s easy to play…

(Dwarfurious) #19

Yeah because eeeeverybody is playing Boldur!
Regen items unfortunately do not scale well with HP. Since they’re just base amounts of regen and not a % they’re more effective on a character with low HP. A % hp regen a tick would be a different story, much more appealing to a tank. Or montana.

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Hmm… you need to talk to more boldur players on this, since this is a Thorn discussion area, you should take this over there… That way more people can help you with his play style.