Thorn is dumb >: |

(Dwarfurious) #21

Oh i see, you’re just asking for an axing then. I figured. Boldur will spare you though, for he is kind and would only kill you too quickly.
But seriously these things apply to everyone.

(Zan Aizuchi) #22

I don’t see how? You’re talking about a specific character and talking about said character, in another characters discussion area… Sure it’s Eldrid characters, but still, you can get better replies and maybe even learn thing’s you didn’t know about him, that’s the point of character specific discussion area’s.

(Dwarfurious) #23

I know plenty about Boldur, hes literally all i play. I’m pointing out that if you give +5hp regen to someone with 1000 hp and someone with 2000 hp, one of them is getting the better deal. I know Thorns that also wear HP gear, +400 hp on an item is a much higher margin for a fast squishy char than a tank. Much prefer a % increase over base increase for this reason. Like they do with damage and attack speed.

(Zan Aizuchi) #24

Except, it should be more geared toward’s heavies, and % HP bonus’ could potentially throw off the balance… Or potentially, super beef Marquis into a tanking Sniper class… Or maybe make Orendi, Super Buff Orendi (right now the image of an orendi taking off her shirt, only to reveal extremely large muscles, despite her dimunitive size, should be in your mind right now) Sooo, yeah, sometime’s % bonus work’s, sometimes they make people OP, however, if anything, % bonus’ should go to shield’s if that’s the case, it’s pretty easy to take out a lot of shield oriented players (unless you got reyna, which, could be equally a bad gear buff to make)

Also, #SuperBuffOrendiNightmareFuel

(Dwarfurious) #25

Super beefing thorn/marquis into tanking sniping classes is exactly what +base hp items allow. % bonuses could be in the 5-10% range as opposed to the 150-250hp range. This means even Montana would be gaining 260hp at best (more with level) and i think hes the HIGHEST base health. The lower your health the more you benefit from base boosts and the less you benefit from % so they may as well have both.
Orendi’s got four arms, thats a lot of flexing
Shields have the huge regen advantage though, 1 shield is worth 2-3hp imo, seems to be how a lot of characters are balanced.

(Zan Aizuchi) #26

Hmm, okay, I get what your saying, but I wouldn’t go over 30% though, the % bonus itself however, could make or break the game still… Could make non-tanky characters, tanky, or on the same or base level of a defender tank, which is something nobody wants. (I’m being paranoid, yes, but I don’t want to deal with 2-3k HP Orendi’s)

And yes, that is a LOT of flexing

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You should probably create a new thread (or find an old one, if such a thing exists) in general feedback discussing health, flat bonuses vs percentages and such. It’s a topic worth discussing, it’s just that having it tucked away in the replies to “Thorn is dumb” probably isn’t the most useful place to carry that discussion out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Zan Aizuchi) #28

Told him that earlier… Eventually we somehow ended up with what we have now, and a super buff orendi, with incredible musculature.


I think a problem is, you’re thinking about tanking without a support. If a tank had %hp items, along with a support, it’d probably be kind of broken. A good support with a good tank is already pretty good.

My extent of really playing tank characters was playing Kelvin. I had a legendary item that gave somewhere around 230 base hp, and an effect that stacked 10 or 20 hp every time I got a kill on a major enemy up to 10 times. I think another thing on that item was health regen, but I don’t remember how much. Then I just had a health regen item and a damage reduction item.

I killed maybe 5 or 6 minions with chomp to get some health, but I really just got a bunch of kills and ended with somewhere around 4,000 hp. I ran into the enemy base chasing a kill and I had roughly 3,000 hp. I got the kill and walked out with 2,200 hp.

I think it was really the damage reduction mixed with the other two items that made me more of an unkillable monster. If you’re taking less damage, health regen definitely means more.

Anyways, as mentioned earlier, you should probably move this convo somewhere else. This isn’t a very productive place for it.

(Puunchbag193) #30

I think this point has been made on the heal station change forum but o well health regen is the same this is not better for weaker or stonger characters in terms of health as its the SAME. However in term of the natrual health regen thorn does seem to have more health regen this should be changed so it is the same as anyone in that faction has they all get no shields(technically).
If you but gear that gives you bounses for when shields is broken it has no effect on eldrid so maybe everyone has a shield just regens health instead of giving a shield?

Health increase if both characters get 200 health so both can take 200 more damage. Percent means say high health character can more health for the same gear eg plus 10 percent health 1000 health character gets 100 2000 health character gets 200 health a 100 more health for the same gear. Same thing goes for health regen gear.
In terms of attack damage is done as a percent because its fair.
eg Damage is 40 damage per second another is 200 damage every 5 seconds. 40×5=200 same dps
plus 10 percent damage 44×5=220 200 plus 10 percent=220 same dps fair.
Plus 5 damage as a flat increase 45×5=225 200+5=205 not fair. Same goes for attack speed.
Also boldur a great tank as he has the strongest shield isic is 1000 but can be 2000 with a helix upgrade boodur is 2000 for level 1.

(stalrok) #31

I liked playing thorn more than I thought I would, my only question is what is with only one shoe? whatsupwitdat?

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Elves are designed to look sleek and cool, but practical or sensible

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That is the greatest thing said of all time, you should remember this and quote it frequently.

Gods forbid I ever use a hashtag, this will be it.

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I really like Thorn, a LOT, and I do not like Boldur at all, but I like that you primarily use and adamantly defend with such gusto who is arguably the least used and least useful character in the game. Please tell me that you are on PS4, your humour would add a great balance to my team of Thorn lovers and users (Including myself)

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Sh*t, that came out bad… :confused:

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Lol, i do play ps4, and my humors not THAT great, but i have my moment’s XD

#ThornLovers #Masochist

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Add me! Slif_One
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I don’t know if you know this but Boldur is one of if not the best late game character so if you think he’s useless I’ll be happy to add you and demonstrate how good he is. @dwarfurious is the best Boldur and throws axes around mine but i can still do Boldur justice.

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Are you on PS4? I’m Slif_One
Didn’t see a good Boldur during the open beta :frowning: