Overheard a random in my Capture lobby tell me that Thorn isn’t good for the Capture game mode because she doesn’t have any room to snipe. I also see a lot of people play as Thorn and do poorly because they are hanging back fishing for shots on players that never hit their mark. As someone who has the Master of Thorn title (first one I got) I can tell you without a doubt that Thorn is not a sniper. Yes, Gearbox labeled her as such, and yes she has maximum range when drawing her bow, but she is no Marquis. She is a skirmisher, and her play style is most rewarding at Mid to long range. Thorn’s strength is in her mid range burst damage. A well aimed charged shot + blight + volley will melt the tankiest of Battleborn. She’s also one of the fastest runners in the game: with Swampfoot and Fellwind Helix choices, she can get out of the stickiest situations (unless you get CC’d by the whole team haha).


Thorn is indeed a sniper. She’s a hybrid sniper/skirmisher who plays best when on the move. When she snipes she sticks and then moves. Hits and then runs. You don’t stand still and snipe like you do with Marquis. You charge your shots while on the move and then pause just long enough to line up your shot and let loose (or if you’re good enough fire the shot while still moving). You mix up long range and close range shots as needed. Charged and quick shots as needed. You can also play her as just a skirmisher if you so desire. And you can play her as just a sniper but that requires certain choices on her Helix that support it (like picking the augment to her Blight that curses her arrows), and even then it’s going to be a challenging role to play when compared to Marquis. But yes, Thorn is a sniper.


I think most people who play Thorn as “pure Sniper” will compain about her sooner or later. She´s far more a pusher/brawler than a sniper and she can be a very strong controller in certain situations.
Personally: I´m to stupid for Thorn. But just because she needs even better movement than Orendi.

There are chars that are able to sniper, yes. But the crowd has to recognize that BB is not a game suited for sniper-gameplay. Even as Marquis you cannot stand back all the time, it just makes you a bad teamplayer. (PvE that is, most Marquis just stand back and do nothing but shoot, no skills, no owls…)


I repeat: Thorn is a Skirmisher that can snipe. Her most effective range for high burst damage is about how far she can lay down a Blight Field. In PvP, players move around A LOT. Arrows have slight firing lag with uncharged arrows as well as travel time. By the time you hit a player with a charged arrow from long range, they will start being evasive, making it extremely hard to hit them with another charged arrow, accounting for arrow travel time and a moving target. Marquis fulfills the role of a sniper much better. However, a mid range charged shot followed by a Blight field followed by a volley (which does more damage the closer you are to the target, will net you tons more burst damage than foolishly fishing for charged shots from a distance. I’ve been playing Thorn since the day BB released. I can say with confidence that the most effective way to play Thorn is mid range.


I’ll state this as, IMHO, one of the best Thorns’s, she is ranged control for your team, she is a very good Sniper.

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I agree that she is ranged control, but I stick to what I said previously: her most effective range is how far she can drop a Blight field. At that range, Volley has a high chance of hitting an opponent with more than one arrow. The damage potential at mid range is still higher than if she were to just snipe.

I too have mastered lil’ Teshka and agree with you whole heartedly. Her mobility is her defiling trait. She can escape 99.9% of the time and cast blight for wave clear escape or to block choke points. Volly is a great finsher or initiator and her ult is just for when you really want to finish that person you’ve got on half health, so much damage.

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She’s is still a pretty good character, but yeah I completely agree with you she’s much more effective as an attacker her. I’ve mastered her aswell she’s so god damn good!

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If be more than happy if there was a helix mutation that traded in Thorn’s bow for either throwing knifes or daggers.

I tend to use her as a minion destroyer and sneak around to build turrets behind the enemy team.

But in honesty i dont see many thorns just staying at the back.

-Thorn kills Marquis-

Thorn: “Ha! Who’s the sniper now?”


This right here. All the win on this comment.

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I don’t get a lot of long range kills with her in PVP instead I will get a good hit and not have a follow up chance because the opposing player ran away.

Now big slow bodies like Toby I do snipe out but I kinda agree with the @FoLxPop here, I did a lot of thorn in the early access, open beta, ctt, and now the full release game.

By far my best results in pvp are mid range and even up to close range. Blight doesn’t have sniping range and neither does volley and those 2 do huge damage.

If you are standing in the far back sniping you are not really using those 2 skills and pretty much wasting what thorn can do. I sneak in close range drop my blight and fall back to mid range to snipe out what is in blight.

I use long range and a threat control to rain down arrows and stop a push, but not to rely on as my main function in the game.

Just because she can shoot at long range does not mean you should only use her at that range.

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Another Master of Thorn here. Agree a hundred percent. She is a strong character at mid-range, but she loses effectiveness at long range. She is better now that I have her legendary gear, but blight is still her many attack. I always use cast duration, not distance, because I can kill enemy minions and force enemy players back for a full 12 seconds. She can be played as a sniper, but she is a far better skirmisher.

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I also love the 12 second, it can really shut down a push and at level 10 you can get 2 blights out at a time

Preaching to the choir. Love the blight after wraith of the wild

My most kills in a game with Thorn is 37-1 (toe caught on rock >.<). From my experience she does best in close-to-mid and like a few have said in that she is only effective as far as you can cast blight (also never go for cast distance).

Thorns specialty is bursting people down, punishing people who overextend, overextension for assassination, and finishing off weak players.

Her hidden skill is having no shield. As soon as people see you with even a little health damage they think “she’s weak” and you can usually kite them in to more help and force their overextension.

At level 10 all bets are off as only highly specked tanks have only a slight chance of surviving a few cursed arrows, two blights and an ult (yes in that order).

A few tricks I won’t disclose yet and your gear is really important also. A hint is that if you’re using health regen your doing it wrong.

Also any sniping on players that aren’t standing still (which short of marquis trying to cheese sentry is virtually nobody). Is a waste of a thorn and I will cut a few kills out of my match to make sure you understand how cool her 4th taunt is on your screen.

By fourth taunt, do you mean Pathfinder?

This sounds kinda stupid, but try to play her like another Orendi, play short-mid range and pummel with arrows. Land your skill shots as much as possible, gtfo if there’s trouble, and her ult is very, very good.

Throw some attack speed, armor pen, and healing gear in the kit and your golden. Also, the higher jump talent is so good.


A few things. Thorn does not need shield penetration. One charged shot usually strips a shield entirely. Also, attack speed does nothing for Thorn because it doesn’t affect Draw Speed. Also, health regen is a bit redundant on Thorn because she is an Eldrich and already has crazy Health regen. Your best gear loadout on Thorn is something that gives her Max shields (Shields on an Eldrich character is amazing), Skill damage (helps with burst damage after a curse), and Crit damage (boosts her already high crit multiplier).

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