That’s the thing though, you recommend skill power and crit items…I never need to do moe damage with her. I’d rather have more health regen to stay in fights.

Attack speed seems to make a difference to me, not sure though it might be a placebo effect, and shield pen is a standard for me simply because Reyna kinda screws with Thorn.

And I take items which have negative effects to shields because…she has none. So huge power spike early.

Makes perfect sense. Try giving her a shield once though. Really helps with sneaky Marquis’ that manage to get a cheap shot off of you. Gives you enough time to escape with minimal HP loss.

I think the point that the OP is trying to make is that:

Thorn != Marques

…Which is 100% correct. If you’re standing still from a mile away and trying to snipe things, you are NOT playing Thorn correctly! XD

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Try standing behind Toby’s shield wall :wink:

I tried her with sheild and its ok to me. I find the root tea legendary the best with her as you want to stay in the fray and you are in constant movement. Skill damage and cool down are next but her legendary is crit damage so ill have to try it out.

just thought I would shamelessly leave this here if anyone is interested in my opinion of how to play Thorn:

I am also a Master of Thorn title user and have yet to be out performed by another Thorn in any match.

“Not to toot my own horn” - Me

“Don’t mean, your own Thorn?” - Some Random Whose Name I Don’t Remember :frowning:

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My thorn hasn’t been beaten by another yet and I don’t even have the master of thorn title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t have to have master to be good :slight_smile: That being said, it’s pretty easy to get her mastery challenge, lol.

Lol everyone is a thorn master.

If sticking to military terms, I’d say she’s a marks(wo)man, not a sniper. But ye, I play her as a skirmisher as well. Rarely ever die and make insane killstreaks with her. (only character I ever went 30/0 with).

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Chrono key is beautiful on her.

Thorn is a f*cking eco-terrorist with dirty bombs. She’s a bouncing beast that’s a thin target and can’t be pinned down. You’re an arsonist and your bow is there so you can make the more sedentary ranged characters upset with arrows to center mass. You harrass, you’re like a snarling sheep dog, constantly nipping at the enemy team’s heels, flanking when possible, blowing up turrets from a mile away, and sneaking around back and throwing blight from behind on all the clustered idiots trying to have a shootout mid-field - you force reaction, you punish complacency, and you are nature itself, actively devouring and frightening those who would put down roots and settle in.

You’re a monster. You are She of the Woods. The more dishonorable and sadistic you are, the better you will be as Thorn.


Anyone who tries to play any sniper that far back and stationary (marquis and Toby included) in this game is just bad at the game. Any mobile sniper will out perform any stationary sniper, it let’s you add damage all over the map and let’s you counter enemy positions. Stand and snipe players get cc’d out of position by any good players and will die horrible little campy deaths. The maps are all too small and characters too mobile for that junk. This isn’t cod or battlefield.

The problem is not that she’s not a sniper, it’s that people try to play snipers wrong, and unlike marquis, she really punishes you if you try to play like a coward hiding in the back of the map with limited sight lines

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This was beautiful.

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You seem to be very passionate about Thorn and I dig it, like a lot. We should run away together, to Ekkunar, and kidnap Thorn. Then we can keep her, and look at her, and touch her. And stuff.

Gross. I am actually a girl that was raised in the woods and enjoys archery and the history of women in warfare, so, no creepy kidnapping required. I hope she kills you if you try it.

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That’s actually really cool, sorry I was just making a bad joke :frowning: I love Thorn and I can see why you gravitate towards her, sorry if I insulted you that was not the intent.

Lol, it’s okay, I just get off on being intense.

Me too, hence the kidnap idea… :confused:

Different level of intensity lol.

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