Thorn Lore Legendary/Trophy Glitch

I still cannot receive my Lore Legendary or Trophy for PSN, has the issue been fixed yet.

This legendary is the last one I need to be complete with the original 25 battleborn and it’s the last trophy I need to recieve my platinum trophy on PSN.

Is there any update to this please? I’ve been waiting for about 6 weeks for an answer.

Tried it and filed a ticket but I was informed they are still working on this issue, I sent a ticket going on week 6 now. It’s getting frustrating now as I really wanted to complete this lore for the gear/trophy.

Has GBX updated anything on this issue?

I have same problem here, and I submitted the ticket like a month ago or so but I haven’t heard anything from them for awhile. I’m getting concerned about them not fixing the issues because it’s literally my last trophy that I need to unlock and I already completed the lore board.

I’m tempted to upload my save to cloud and delete the save so I could try to start all over again with Thorn so I could unlock last trophy I need but I’m concerned that it might cause more problem.


6 weeks later and an update and still no fix, I am beyond frustrated and agitated.

Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully they would able to fix it in upcoming patch but I had a doubt since they haven’t really officially comment on the situation.

I still cannot get a fix for this and cannot get my platinum trophy, GBX what the hell?!