Thorn request: release draw

So I may be missing something, but with Thorn, every skill can be undone (released) by alt-firing (for her, zoom/ADS) with the exception of her primary attack (shooting arrows from her bow).

I’ve played her for a few hours and find this really frustrating. I keep hitting R (one of it’s functions is reload), and it does not allow her to release her draw. I know I could just release the primary fire button, but doing so when I don’t want to really irks me.

I really think a proper “release draw” function (similar to reload) should be added for Thorn. It’s a small, maybe only aesthetic, thing, but it really would make playing her more fun.

Can this be done?

If you draw an arrow and dont want to release it, do a melee. It’ll cancel it out. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I tried that. It’s better than just firing off randomly but it still leaves me wanting.

I’m just being OCD. That it isn’t in the game already say’s it’s too minor a thing.