Thorn - Shield Penetration

The more I play with shield penetration, the more i see amazing. Thorns fully charged arrows do big damage, particularly huge crits. Early game is about skirmishing and keeping alive whilst picking up assists or minion bashing for the leveling process. Be part of everything, don’t just run around getting shards.

As you level, Sniping (fully charged arrows in particular) becomes more of a reality - should you choose this path. And the big reason for this is Shield Penetration.

Since Thorns helix overhaul, one of her best late game helix mutations is the level 7 Phasing Arrows:
(75% Shield Penetration).

This turns your primary shots into something else, meaning fully charged shots rip through any shields including over-shields. This gives you a great upper hand against anyone getting the over-shield buffs or with big shields, or prolonged fights if they get their shields up again. Also awesome against turrets and other shielded buildables.

Bot Battle is a good place to test stuff out now, and over a period of time results do start to show. If you keep your eye on what your hitting, you’ll not be worried about enemy with shields and if Reyna is helping or the pesky M3. Screw your shield, your dead!! Ha Haaaaa :smile:

One of my new favs is this Legendary (Waveform Destabilizer) along with a shard generator. You can get it pretty quick, so before the Level 7 helix mutation comes your packing serious punch, after that it’s just 100% nasty.

To date this is my best result in Bot Battle, albeit NOT versus human which is kinda different, it does give you confidence in facing real people and knowing what damage you can do. In missions the shard generator could be taken out for pure damage boosters, or anything else you choose.

Yes, PvP is a whole different scenario against good teams or individuals, but when you KNOW their shield means nothing, you get an upper hand. It’s worth playing about with if you haven’t already, as most veterans in the forum will have. If your newer to the game, try this and take a good look at the results, as those arrows pierce enemy shields for the kill, especially later on if the game goes the distance.

  • Subbing the Waveform for Purple or even Blues may be fine for later game, but early game it’s pretty sweet. With a healer on the team you could go all out damage too, but do try high shield penetration, it’s pretty cool.

I love running shield pen on Mike but I’ve always been wary of using hers.

I will definitely try it out now. Sounds fun.

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Paging @AncientBelgareth for thorn wisdom and numbers @AncientBelgareth to the podium!

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I was actually really happy about the change to the level seven. It makes it much easier to give up vaulting hunter. I wouldn’t take it in most situations, but shield pen is really useful against a kleese, or as you said, a Reyna. I personally wouldn’t take it against any other enemies, mostly because it takes longer to get shields down for those sweet sweet crits. Also wouldn’t take it against a S&A, because of her damage reduction while shields are up. It can also be very useful for an overshield ambra that is near death.
I hope they make the level five mutation better/ something else entirely. I can’t personally see it being worthwhile in nearly any situation.

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Well to be fair even without crits a fully charged arrow would hurt a lot with 98% shield pen…

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If we could crit using shield p it would be the best gear/helix

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But still only really useful if a kleese or reyna are on the other team. A fully charged arrow at level seven does 273 damage without gear. If you have a 9.1% attack damage that’s 297.8 damage. Take the bleed, and most characters shields are defiantly gone. Most characters only have a 300 shield at base, so granted they have no shield gear or helixes, the shield is gone with a single arrow by the time one can get the shield pen helix. Anything after the first arrow; everything has the potential to crit.
Again, not saying it’s a bad choice, but I can’t see myself taking it unless a kleese or Reyna are on the other team. Or a kleese and a Reyna.

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I had a big break from the game, and when i came back i spent a lot of time completing the lore, and a 4th play through of Dragon Age just finished. Now i have time to actually play again…I’m finding a lot of new things since all the updates.

Yesterday when i was Legendary hunting I came up with the Waveform which is why it was in focus. But it’s mainly about the SP because of how many kills I had against enemy with low health and shields. Late game in particular where enemy loose health, hide to get shield up, come back to confront you and BAM…death. I realize it may not be useful in many situations, but the amount of kills you get against enemy running back to camp and their shields are starting to recharge, it actually turns you into more of a predator/finisher.

The Waveform is great early game, but i’m sure it could be swapped for a green or blue with other more useful properties. I’ll play about with it today and try and see the best alternatives i have.

Might have people camping outside their HQ until it was changed though :smile:

Very inefficient. You end up with way more than 100% shield pen and have a totally wasted shield recharge delay on Thorn. Result: 100% shield pen for 1800 shards.

Or you could take a flawed common to get 75+21= 96% shield pen for… 0 shards.
(you are paying 1800 shards for just 4% shield pen with the legendary lol)

Orrr you could take a flawed blue to get 100% shield pen after skill use for 630 shards.

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I know. Lots of typing for no reason there.

What about this one?image

Does it means if the enemy has a shield you deal +65% dmg? And only 4% of that dmg goes to the shield?

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It means their shield would be hit by 62.4 damage from bunker buster and the 4% that didn’t pass through the shield

Thats it? 62.4 dmg?!? Thats lame…

Yup, it’s a tinkering build for me

So is safe to asume that anything that says bonus dmg to shields wont do extra dmg with a shield penetration build, instead it will split the base dmg and then apply the extra dmg to a shield?

If my base dmg is 250 and my shield penetration is 20% it splits into 50 hp 200 shield if i had a 25% extra dmg on shields i would have 50 hp and 250 shield???

No the bonus damage in that example is a static number based on your shield pen you can’t go higher than 65

Then… Thats a bad legendary :frowning:

Edit: 65 points of dmg are not bad, but i dont want to break their shields, the moment i do, it becomes a usless gear…

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Essentially, but I tested in before they merged it and could strip a sentry shield in less than 14 seconds as whiskey…

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Whiskey lvl 10?