Thorn start image

In the background of thorns image is this massive robot. Whats that about does anyone know?

I know you can see one like these in Episode 6 the Experiment as well… might be whats left of Garblanthix Ur, Lord of all Sentinels (Reference to Episode 5, one of the things the Sentinel says)

I think until it gets mentioned by the Devs it’s simply “Background Decoration”

If you want to take a look at something just like that, in Episode 2 Voids Edge, right in the Starting Area you should look in the Background to the left… there is a Mountain with a Giant Dragon Like Skeleton, it has also no real Background Story either but simply looks great imo.

Yeah but Garblanthix Ur, Lord of all Sentinels is made up, just like the Varelsi. Remember?

The Sentinel was a Myth and got busted… for real.

Seriously though, given the size of it, it would be a good explanation if it was Ur… even though the Sentinel said “…Which isn’t real and thus not scary”, but that might also be what most people have thought if they heard Stories about the Sentinel.

Was it a myth tho? They talk about stories, but Rendain, the Eldrid, and the Battleborn all knew where it was. That’s not very myth like