Thorn tactics recommend?

Could someone recommend some tactics for using thorn? What skills do you start off encounters with, what sequence… I’d like to get better with thorn but I sort of struggling with her tactics. Thanks!

thorn is about to go through a big change in the next patch so her play is going to be shifting very soon so take any advice you get with a grain of salt.

Curse (hit with a fully drawn bow) and then cycle through skills - cursed targets will take increased damage. Curse, blight, volley will finish most squishies. Spam arrows if target survives the skill cycle. Ult into groups or to finish low health enemies.
I’m not the best Thorn player but so far this approach has worked for me.


I have 174 missions as Thorn, during that time the number one tactic I’ve learned with her is flank your enemy.
Don’t stand and draw your bow, keep moving, be a mobile target at all times.
Learn to draw and shoot on the move and yes this week that will get gooder.

1700 missions is a lot. How many do you think you were trying to beat? I imagine some were for lore or something along the way

This is good if you’ve got the time to land the fully drawn curse arrow … which will take less time after the patch. Blight will deal less damage after the patch, and volley will have some drop (so mid to long range volleys will become harder to hit,) but we’ll see if it makes her worse, better, or just different.

Generally though, once you’ve got curse on your volley (and you know, your ult,) it’s faster to go volley (for the curse,) Blight (for the slow,) then finish up with Ult.

Obviously on larger characters like Montana or Toby you can go arrow, blight, volley, ult, but on smaller characters it’s easier to land volley for the curse, and obviously faster if they’re not at full health anyway.

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Hit the jump button a lot and quick fire the bow.

Middle range thorn is the best thorn, curse your target then blight to slow your target if is a battleborn break his shield, run straight to him and jump and volley their face for a massive crit, then just spam attack while moving and jumping.

Curse and then stick and move. Run around, be unpredictable. Headshots work too.

Keep moving and jumping almost everytime, you’re very hard to hit. Quick firing your bow will do more DPS than fully draw it and will increase the chance of landing hits and critical hits.

Ignore when they call her a “sniper”. Well, you can help your team sniping the enemy snipers, but your best spot on the match is in middle range. In that way you can use better your Blight and Volley skills.

Always pick slow on Blight and curse on Volley. Your main “burst rotation” will be:
Volley with Curse - Blight with Slow - Wrath of the Wild - Quick arrows. If all skills hit your target, that should kill almost all non-tanking character in the game.

Clear minion waves, she is very very good at it.

That’s my suggestion of build:,1,-1,-1,1,-1,1,-1,1,1,

1 - Slow on Blight is necessary.
2 - I use slow + movement speed on Blight to run away from meeles chasing me, but imo all the 3 options here are pretty bad. (You will almost never stand at Blight)
3 - Both are ok. If the enemy team have a lot of meeles, take right.
4 - Volley curse enemies. A must.
5 - Moar DPS
6 - Both are very good. Optional.
7 - Moar mobility
8 - Both are good. Left for more DPS, right if you’re enjoying more playing like a sniper.
9 - Both are ok.
10 - I always go right. It’s awesome and get better if you chose helix that benefit Blight.

That’s all just my opinion, btw. I hope it can help you. Good luck!

Wow awesome response, thank you! This build is essentially what I go with already but I’m struggling to land some of my shots, and even when I drop all my skills sometimes they get away. I realize some of that is skill, but I just wanted to make sure my tactics are solid in terms of whats the angle of attack in each situation… so you don’t start with blight for the slow and then drop volley at as close range as possible to land more arrows while they’re slowed?

Also, the higher DPS arrows with smaller spread isn’t more effective?

It really depends on the build you are using and the situation of the fight. Sometimes I use Blight first, but most of the times (on mid-late game mostly) I prefer to curse enemies with Volley before using Blight. Cursed enemies take more damage from skills, and that make Blight and your Ult even more deadly. But the tactic to slow before bursting with Volley is okay too, really depends on your playstyle.

About your last question, I didn’t get it right. You’re talking about Level 4 Helix? If it’s correct, I really like to take curse on Volley because cursing enemies with full draw shots is a little difficult and take time. Also, curse on Volley synergy very well with the Level 5 DoT (enemies cursed take damage over time) increasing Volley damage.

Try that! :smile:

I try to curse distracted or big targets, once cursed i move to them jumping and shoting (using the momentum of the jump to dont stop moving) blight then volley with max amount of arrows.

Cursed volley is good too, but i prefer to max my dmg, 2 extra arrows on already cursed targets is amazing specially if you land a crit.

Its up to your personal taste and skills. Sometimes if there are no assasins like deande or pendless i go for curse arrows while standing in the blight. I can blight close targets, slow them and shot a cursed arrow and volley followed with more curses!!

Always charge shot to curse if possible unless target is very low health. Always jump around and move constantly in random ways without patterns to avoid being hit while charging an arrow since it slows you or in general. Always upgrade for higher jump and slow field effect to help with cc and clearing minions. It also helps with aiming. If you have her legendary use it. It’s one of the few that are actually really useful. Also get used to the arc from both no charge 25%.50%,75% to full charge at multiple distances.
When aiming for your multi shot of you can’t him a player directly getting the arrows in an enclosed space usually helps with getting multiple hits. The Pierce upgrade isn’t bad either. And again never stand still with her even when charging. It’s the most important thing about her.

I mastered her a while ago but I still use her every now and then. She takes more time than most to get used to but not too much more.

Thorn is very strong and versatile, but also fragile.
Watch out for slows and stuns, it is very dangerous for you.
Keep moving, try never to stand still, unless you are far back and trying to snipe (which you should not be doing very often, mostly against other immobile targets)

Use Blight to clear minion waves. Try to always have it ready whenever the enemy minions get close.

Volley is your go-to skill against enemy Battleborn. Short cooldown, and hits hard.
If you pick piercing volley at level 1, you can use it against botwaves as well.

Wrath of the Wild should mainly be used as a finisher when an enemy is on roughly 1/3 HP, less if it is a tank.

Remember that both your skills and charged attacks deal more damage if the target is cursed, so keep using those fully charged arrows!
Your auto-attack deals nice damage, but they travel somewhat slow, so remember to track your targets.

Thorn has naturally fast speed, but otherwise lacks proper mobility outside of one helix at 3 and one helix at 7. I would suggest getting both, the other options are usually not as useful anyhow.

My preferred helix-setup

For gear, I use eldrid uncommon skill damage and attack damage, with rare eldrid max health. When you run around with over 2000 health, you get quite sturdy.

Any questions about why I do what I do? Just ask. :slight_smile:

Seems like everyone’s got a unique synergy for her skills that result in a slightly different order of attack…

I try to charge arrow first, then slow then volley, super and fast arrow… maybe I just stink lol

There’s not really a “best overall” for order. Considering the opinions it seems to be that most would agree it’s situational.

Thing to take away with that is that chaining her skills is the most consistent way to get kills.

Come to think of it, aside from Dragon and Ghalt, I can’t think of anyone who chains more effectively to secure a kill.

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Thing about her curse mechanic - Cursed targets are revealed and take 25% more damage from skills and other cursed arrows. Curse them once, then hit them again with another cursed arrow will do some serious damage.

Nah, you just need to find the right hélix options for you.

Thorn is rly versátil in her skills and style, of you cant land a hit from long range, get middle range, if you still suck try close/mid when your team is close.

Tell us what are your strengh and weakness!

Dont get to close to kleese… He will melt you, ambra is doable thx to her big crit zone and blight can be used to counter her sun spots.

That is definitely true, but I also find Thorn to be one of the better counters to him. Her blight is really good at clearing the rift network and he’s super easy to hit. Even from some distance.

Can’t stress enough though the importance of staying away from him.