Thorn Title Screen has a cameo?

So Thorn’s snazzy new title screen has what looks like a giant mech in the background?
Who or what is this?


It’s possible it’s The Sentinel, but there has been speculation that it’s a new raid boss.

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A lil’ bit of topic, but same picture. Ok, but what is THIS? And why it’s so noticeable? :confused:


That same figure is on – or used to be – on The Experiment. You know the second defense point – I think it’s Amenine – and how there’s the area with a ton of little shard clusters? Hard to describe, but I’ll try. It is the side opposite of the side facing the large island with the backup antenna (you have to use jump pads to get to this island). This area I’m talking about has a rock formation where enemies spawn on top of and jump down from. A rock cluster. There are two Minion spawners in this area. Anyways, facing the rock formation (or cliffside, or whatever it is) from the stairs leading to the defense point, the area to the left of the formation is the viewpoint I’m talking about. Sometimes a big chest will spawn there.

From this area’s edge, you can see a massive figure like in the OP’s pic. Well, you used to be able to, but since the Winter Update, I’ve never seen it. But I only saw it once, pre-WU. So maybe it’s a random spawn? Or they just removed it and I had never noticed it before?

Whatever it is, it’s awesome.

Texture seam. Flexible materials for videogames are a pain in the ass to model properly.

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I´m 99% sure it´s just our good ol´Sentinel. Matches his model perfectly.

Very epic wallpaper though, use it currently as XB1-wallpaper though I never really played Thorn^^


If we fought the real Sentinel (which is pretty Tiny compared to THAT THING) it can only mean…

… Garblanthix Ur, Lord of all Sentinels confirmed.

And yeah, already saw that big boy in the Background in The Experiment as described by @MeltedCow… would be a shame if that one would be really gone now

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Well then! If Heart of Ekkunar doesn’t go this route, I’ll be heartbroken. Thanks!