Thorn vs Toby's Force Field

Curious if it’s intentional that Thorn can shoot through Toby’s Force Field but no one else can?

Either it’s not intentional or his force field can’t stop arrows.


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Thorn has an helix upgrade that lets her arrows pierce through enemies.

Still doesn’t apply as Force Field is an energy field negating damage. Piercing arrow isn’t attacking an enemy, but energy. It shouldn’t pass through it.

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I’m pretty sure that the game actually treats Toby’s shield as a separate enemy. Will try to test it with Kleese’s taser when I unlock him.

Yeah but the force field has an “on screen” health bar, so the game is probably considering the force field as an enemy. If thats true then it will probably work on things like his arc mines, Ambra’s sun spots, Hoodini, Large shards, ect…

But if it was penetrating, it would also damage the object it’s penetrating. When it penetrates an enemy and hits another enemy does it do the same amount of damage? Or does it do less damage to the second target?

IDK I’ve never tested any of this. But I’d assume based on the skill description it does the same damage to the second target.

Because other skills like Galilea’s “Shield Throw” says “deals reduced damage with each consecutive hit”. Where as Draw Strength doesn’t.

Idk. I don’t think it’s proper. But his Ult is also not working properly either. I know during beta no one really played him so maybe it went unnoticed.

His ult is supposed to 300+dmg/s for 6s. Which = 1800+dmg. But after testing it on bots and players, it only does 80dmg/s for a total of 480dmg.

Thorn’s arrows Pierce enemies, this should not mean pierces force fields. It makes Toby completely useless against a decent Thorn. I really hope this gets fixed.