Thorne Glitches

While the playing the algorithm as Thorne I noticed something, her arrows don’t always make contact! There were quite a few instances where arrow after arrow would just go straight through an enemy without making contact at all. The two specific times I noticed this were in the Algorithm mission during the final fight and the galactic guardian. It seemed as though this glitch happened more often when I had my E active and when choosing the skill to up her arrows accuracy rather than her jump height.

On a side not it would be glorious to be able to play story offline please!

So I am not the only one that observed that. I didn’t pay a lot of attention on my built when this happened by I will do from now on. Maybe I can give more details about this as well.

That would probably be helpful :slight_smile:

I see it all the time. It’s particularly bad on those… ug - Venesari? Whatever their name is - the Void creatures that come out of portals. I seem to miss with direct hits all the time on them… >_<

This is on the PC version FYI - I also saw this in the Open Beta, but not in the CCT.

I’ve actually noticed this with other characters too. Even with completely immobile enemies, my shots sometimes seem to do nothing. I just wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it?

Varelsi :slight_smile: