Thorn's Arrows in PVP and Ping

Now, this may not be an issue to most, but I’m playing as Thorn on PC with a “2 bar yellow” ping and I have noticed that a lot of my arrows seem to vanish without hitting other players.

I’m not claiming to be a perfect shot but we are sometimes talking Montana-sized targets at close to medium range here!

The weird thing is it only seems to be in PVP matches such as Meltdown, I have no issues hitting the mark in the PVE coop missions.

Has anyone else noticed a similar problem?

My best guess is that my lag combined with arrow travel time and enemy player movement makes for poor accuracy on the server side.

Now that you mention it, yes, i have encountered the same issue.

Happned to me with a turret. Shot thrice with no damage. Went closer, shot two more times one missed. Finally a Rath came and destroyed it. I can’t imagine what must be going on in that players head.

Kind of relieved to hear this happens to other people as well.

There is nothing worse than chasing an enemy that has almost no health left after an extended fight, spamming the arrows point blank at them and nothing happens…

Then they turn and kill you in one hit…

There’s currently a similar bug with Deande, activating your primary skill cancels the bug and you’re good to go.
Try this next time it happens with Thorn, lay down some Blight and see if your arrows correct.

Ok, now that I know its not an isolated occurrence, it strikes me that this may not entirely be a bug.

Given Thorn has a 50% accuracy buff to standard arrow attack on Helix 7, this implies that there is an RNG factor to the arrows hitting.

If this is the case, thats nuts!!

We have to hit tiny bunny hopping targets like Orendi etc with a projectile that has travel time, all while constantly moving ourselves… and then depend on RNG for the final hit as well!

I hope I’m wrong, but I cannot explain the accuracy buff without RNG-to-hit.

I think that helix is just for people who want to hip-fire low power arrows; charged arrows are much more accurate and if you zoom in then even completely uncharged arrows lose (most of) their horizontal spread and just have some drop.

ok, so that kills that theory (hopefully), so back to the Elephant in the room - is Thorn’s attack bugged and is it costing people kills and/or getting them aggro from their team for being “bad” (such as what happened to sarvashreshtha8)??

It happens all the time for me. I actually have a “green connection” and while I don’t know my BB ping, generally, for EU games, regardless of company/genre/servers, I get 20-70 ping, gravitating towards 30, which is quite solid.

It seems it might be a tick rate problem? It surely looks like. Because it’s not just that you miss, as if you would if you had a high ping, the game seems to simply “swallow” your arrow. For example, that big Montana is in front of his minions and I shoot at him, arrow somehow misses him, but also misses each of the robots. It’s as if it disappeared mid-flight - ie, wasn’t registered by the server. I tried to closely monitor both fps and connection and it happens when both are fine.
That’s why I kinda attribute it to tick rate. I mean, I didn’t do any research, tick rate might be fantastic, but not knowing it, I would assume it’s on the lower end of the “global tick rate spectrum”.

As for “hip firing”, it’s not that. Surely you seen it happen with big targets close on the screen. No hip fire could send the arrow like seventy degrees to the left and upwards. Also, the visual representation shows the arrow going towards where it’s supposed to go and then simply nothing happens.
There IS a rng in her shooting, hence the helix option for better accuracy, but try and shoot walls from a different distances and you’ll see that even a full “naked” Thorn hits pretty reliably, ie her accuracy is solid to begin with. Accuracy buff helix is reserved for reliably sniping fully aimed targets.

Another thing that leads me to tick rate thing, is the fact that this mostly happens when you are doing a peekaboo or similar thing. It seems that the game has problem with determining precise-and-fast poking, like it has problems with server seeing you where you are and what your arrows did and where they went if you do things quickly.

Also, you can try it with campaign missions. Go and run and jump all over the place and aim the most uncharged hip shot at someone mob’s head and you will more likely than not, score not only a hit, but a pretty reliable headshot.

If your internet is really bad, your shots will shoot out to the sides sometimes too.

It does it with a few characters this and also the hit detection is completely off at times.