Thorns blight duration was nerfed!?

I saw in the battle plan that her blight got a duration decrease. How was the duration of her blight a problem? I never saw thorns blight as an op death machine and rarely saw anyone claim it was so why nerf thorn?

imo it was insanely op

it could do 2000+ damage at high levels

plus u gotta remember it can slow enemies standing in it.

ive had so many games with thorn where i got 20+ kills from blight alone

basically all she has to do is camp at choke points, wait for enemy to get <50% HP… drop her blight behind them and its a guaranteed kill.


The helix information still reads the old values. So was it changed? Now that ult just needs some dmg redux and she’ll be perfect

The nerf doesn’t seem to be live yet. Just did a run with her and blight was still 6 seconds with a 6 second helix addition.

Anybody besides me only playing PvE feel something other than good about this?

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I’ve been playing thorn almost exclusively for the past 2 weeks and this makes me slightly sad but at the same time I have to acknowledge that with the 6 second helix, you had blights up for 12 seconds on a 15-second (I think) cooldown.

That means you can have blights on the ground 80% of the time, period. Factor in the damage it does over that time and the slow and that’s pretty insane.

Another thing to consider is: how many people took the other helix? I know I never did. Ever. I can’t even remember what it is. Maybe this will make it more of an option?

I PvE a lot, and it worries me. So many games try and apply blanket balance changes to help one mode and hurt another. Thorn’s wave clear was insane, and likely still is. She is hard to hit and can often hit hard in return. For PvP, Meltdown especially, she needs the tone down (or others need tuned up). But for PvE it will make life harder. Doable, yeah, but still harder. That said, I don’t know how else they would go about it and even with the changes she should still be solid in PvE or PvP.

The blight was so cheap taking down bosses, from spider on experiment to rendain on heliophage. And 12 seconds? Part of the issue of having just choice A or B is this kind of Nerf. If it was a branching tree then id be fine with +6 seconds through the helix that applies curse when thorn is shooting standing in blight spot.

Thorn was beyond OP in PvE though. Bosses without threshold phases will melt from double blight and shotgun arrows to the face.

Try a Helio advanced solo with Thorn, then try it with someone like Benedict. Night and Day.

…I know, mastered Thorn first, then Benedict, his hitbox being so big was obvious but she really felt balanced in PvE.
Have to admit I did the most damage as her on most teams but we could also name a few other classes who do that.

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I play Thorn…all the time.

I think that while it changes my build (slightly), it is probably necessary to keep her damage in-line. By level 8, Thorn is an absolute machine, and while that’s one of the things I enjoy about her…I don’t fault them for trying to tune her down a bit.

What I think that needs to happen at some point is for them to work on giving Thorn either:

  1. Better mutations.
  2. Better, more viable helix choices.

There isn’t a single mutation in her kit that I think is at all worth taking, when compared to her other choices. This isn’t because her other choices are too good, it’s because the mutations are at best underwhelming.

Two cents.


Gotta agree with you as a Thorn main. All her mutations are garbage.

But then again, I hardly ever take Enduring blight (+6 seconds) because I really enjoy casting blight at 100% distance and normally one blight can destroy 1 full wave of minions. Maybe with the nerfs I’ll test it with Enduring blight (+3 seconds) and see how good it’ll goes.

Gah, I’m so jealous of your gold medals. I think I’ll gonna spend more time in PVE.

Enduring Blight is/was amazing. It honestly changes everything mid-late match.

Your Blight fields would essentially last until next cooldown. With your level 10 right helix, you could essentially surround yourself in blight.

PVE can be tons of fun, highly recommended. :slight_smile:


Because Thorn is such a powerful fire-and-forget character in PVE, she was both very effective and kinda unfulfilling - it wasn’t even necessary to use her primary bow attacks to excel, because Blight did most of the work. Now it pays a little bit more to practice her marksmanship, which to my mind can only make her more fun to play. But I admit that I’m strange that way!


I recently gave her a try after being dominated by her AoE in PvP. She is a freaking beast. But I guess you pretty much have no choice to be a beast if you grew up in a forest.

It made her sentry and lvl 10 finish power a bit too powerful.

Now O&M reigns supreme among the pushers.

heheh, my Deande has the full chart loaded with Gold.

Came in for the melts, left disappointed.

I have to admit thorn is maybe a tad OP in PvP. I am a totally average player (my first moba style game) but I went 40-0 as thorny the other night in incursion. I was solo q’d with other solos, and we didn’t even win by that much, but the combo of blight + ult was an auto kill every time.

I found her ult to be op imo that thing is a ranged death to anyone below 1k health and I guess the nerf really doesn’t matter since anyone who gets caught in blight anyway is usually only in it for like 2 seconds