Thorn's passive (Nature's curse) clarification

Hello guys!

I have some doubt about Thorn’s gameplay and I would like some clarification please to close that.

1- How exactly know if my arrow is fully charged with maximum damage?

2- How exactly know if my arrow is cursed?

3- Nature’s curse text is saying enemies hit by a cursed arrow will be highlighted. I don’t know if is bugged, but I can’t see any difference on enemy body.

Thank you in advance guys.

A cursed arrow will start shining with a green tint at the end of the arrow. Just hold it for a bit and it will start to glow.
Cursed enemies release a small green puff once in a while, not very noticeable

The small green puff is very noticeable on a cloaked enemy though. Makes it easy to off a Oscar that cloaks at low health. Also pretty sure it does give a red outline to a cursed enemy. It’s not very noticeable regularly, but if they walk behind a wall, you can still see the outline of them until the curse wears off. I think that is what that is anyway. a small yellow crosshair will appear within the regular crosshair when the arrow is fully charged and cursed.

Thank you for the answers guys.

So… when I see a green glow on my crosshair the arrow is fully charged AND cursed?
Another thing guys…
what exactly is the benefit from Thorn’s legendary item?

…I want that mod badly!
It letsThorn shoot cursed arrows without charging them.

Humm… I don’t know if is this. The text is not clear to me (I am not a native english speaker).

I have that mod and it is awesome.

It helps you learn where the full draw is as well on Thorn as well. I used to think a full draw was where she visibly stops pulling back the arrow, but I was wrong. A full draw is a quarter-half a second after she stops pulling back. You learn that with her lore legendary.

The legendary also helps keep your damage consistent and you will always curse targets.

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Normally a cursed arrow happens when Thorn pulls the arrow back and waits a second. The legendary makes it so you don’t have to wait the extra second to get a cursed arrow.

Thank you for amazing help guys. I think I am ready to really rock with her, hehehe.