Thorn's taunts, or lack thereof?

Has anyone found any of the secret taunts for Thorn? All of her base taunts seem pretty underwhelming. There’s nothing personal about them, and while they do fit her character more or less, I personally think they’re just kind of… there, in comparison to other characters who get more personal in their taunts (Benedict, anyone?). Just wondering if anyone has found one or a few that are more appealing than yelling and doing something vaguely cool. They just don’t feel like a true taunt as much as a cool thing to do.

No. I’m starting to get annoyed by this, and am also unconvinced she even HAS a secret taunt or skin atm (does ANY Euclid character have these ffs!?).

I’ve bought at least 35-40 Euclid packs at this point, and so far: nothing. I’ve only bought a few of the others factions’ packs, and I got A LOT of their skins at least VERY quickly, i.e. Montana, Rath, even one for TOBY, WHICH I AM NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN PLAY (thanks for SALTING THE WOUND, Gearbox… >_<).

Also a lot more I cannot remember the names of lmao.

Actually, I take that back about all Euclid characters: I found one for Meko - that’s it… >_<

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I opened somewhere around 20 Eldrid packs, just to blow all the credits and try and see some of them before the beta ends, and I got two Boldur skins, a Kelvin skin, a Miko skin, and two taunts for Mellka. In short, something for all of them but Thorn, who was literally the only one I was trying for. I’m sure she has them, and I’d mostly just like to see some better taunts. Guess I’ll have something to work toward in the main game.

Damn lol, I guess I’m just REALLY unlucky (which yeah, sound like me lol).

Would still be nice to know if anyone has seen any skins or taunts for Thorn lol…

In the Closed Beta at least, it’s impossible to unlock one of her taunts completely (as the meta challenge requires lore completion, which requires playing a story mission that is not unlocked for the beta), and the other one is just not very likely for any but the PS4 players to even have a SLIGHT chance at unlocking, as it requires playing 5 matches with Boldur, who can only be unlocked through the high Command Level requirement, as his alternative unlocking method ALSO requires completion of a story mission that is not available in the beta lol… =.=

I have all of Thorns skins (Except for the black and purple) unless there is a Solid Blue one that isn’t the one you unlock from rank.

I’ve seen one of the hidden taunts, which is Thorn just taking her bow and aiming at the camera. It’s alright, probably better than the rest of her taunts. I’ve only seen 1 person with it, though.

By all of her skins, do you mean all of the ones listed initially, or do you have the ones like the solid white one that only come from faction packs? And that sounds like a much cooler taunt than the three defaults! I really hope to find someone with it.

Yes, I’m at 7 skins unlocked. I think there is a solid blue one though, that’s not the Delphinium one.

I have one of her taunts. She crouches, and tastes the dirt (or metal, whatever is under her) off her finger like she’s tracking.
I wish she had a funny one though, love her gameplay, hate the serious attitude.

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That one sounds like it could be really cool. But yeah, I wish she at least SAID something in some of them.

The one where she tastes the ground she sometimes says that she needs to taste the ground

As far as I saw, all the “skins” are the same colors for all characters. The two hidden colors I found during the Closed Beta were “dark-ish blue” and “white/really light grey”.

I’m actually kinda miffed that they just lazily used the same colors for all characters, as since characters have their own unique starting skin colors, in a lot of cases the “unlocked” skin looks so damn close to their base skin that it’s almost like "why bother.

A good example of this would be Thorn’s second skin unlocked via level-ups (after “very dark blue and red”, and before “pink”) - the yellowish-goldish-orangish one. It looks so very similar to her starting skin it’s almost like “why bother”…

Honestly, the “gold” skin for Thorn that you are supposed to get as a pre-order bonus is gonna look EVEN MORE just like her base skin ffs lol…

Oh, and on most of the characters I saw, the “dark-ish blue” skin you can find randomly looks so damn close to the “dark blue and red” skin that every character unlocks at level 4 it’s almost like “why bother” ffs… >_<

There’s also a purple and gold skin for each character.

I used a taunt were she tastes the ground like she’s tracking prey on this vid.

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The one where she takes aim is pretty cool. If you use it in a match it does a close up of here face where she looks at the camera and winks.

Was just about to post that one. Got it from a eldrid gear pack during the beta and liked that one so much more than the level up unlock ones. Especially loved using it in pvp with that little wink at the end.

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