Those sweet sweet team combos :)

This thread is for posting up some good team combos you’ve pulled off.

Such as…

My team mate put up an ice wall as Kelvin and trapped three enemies in the left lane of coldsnap. Seeing him do that and me playing Pheobe, I knew what had to be done. I jumped in and dropped my ultimate. The result was a double kill and an assisit. A true power play.

The other was when I was Deande and my team member was Oscar Mike. We were getting pushed by three enemies. So I cloaked, let my twin take aggro, then droped my ultimate from a safe position. Gave my buddy a heads up and he dropped his napalm and his air strike right as I stunned them. The result for me was a triple assist, and an open lane for us to push forward on paradise.

Anyone else got a sweet combo they want to brag on?

My team won by playing as a team. This a rare sight.


Teamwork, the true op game mechanic. Hahahaha


That explains the matchmaking thing - they NERFED TEAMWORK! Oscar Mike Galilea, I think we’ve solved it!


So my team had two players down in capture, each with respawn times of about 20 seconds and the enemy had 2 collectors occupied. I was running Ambra, with a WF and an Attikus. We didn’t have time to wait for our team to respawn, so we went for an all out rush: Three of the enemy team were on A, we rush in, I drop a sunspot (damage amplifying) in the center, Atticus pounces and WF rips through them with his ult. We manage to drop their Miko and S&A FAST, leaving a Rath, who goes after us with his ult. I Stellar Ritual his ass backwards and we manage to take him down (sadly our WF died. My hat’s off to him for his brave service) just before the rest of the enemy converged on me and Atticus. We end up turning tail and running until our two teammates that went down respawned, and then took our remaining opponents down. We managed to win with 1000 to 950-something. It was one of the best fights I’ve ever had :slight_smile:


Kelvin can set up literally every ultimate in the game… so can Rath/Galilea but not nearly as well imo.

Ambra/Rath can be really gross as a two-man wrecking ball.

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Dont forget Deande, she has a group stun for her ultimate :slight_smile:

Miko+Boldur + any good DPS charakter , nearly unbeatable.

Or Isic + Galilea doublestun , dead. and alot of HP to escape.
Also Isic has good pushing potential, and Galilea destroy every Battleborn in meleefight.

Ive seen a Rath and Galilea run double stun on people and absolutely annihilate.

Kleese ultimate plus any aoe damage = fifty. My only penta came that way.

Kleese plus isic in tank mode is pretty amazing.

Shayne/Ghalt and any aoe dropper (thorn, phoebe’s ult, Oscar Mike, orendi) is pretty devastating.

Kelvin is a great team combo by himself.

Yesterday we got a quadra kill in Incursion where Marquis threw out his slowing bubble, Miko threw out his slow, While as Kelvin through out a stun right after a Montana ult then threw out my ult while our pheobe dashed in with her ult. We got a 4 person kill a little overdone but man was it awesome!

Oh I got an amazing one.

Just today I finally got Kleese and my second match we had a sadisticly good Gali Dragon front line. The other team likely was a bit in the dark as to why Kleese is so damn strong.

So I set up shop with Dragon on the left side and the poor other teams Miko and El Dragon…I felt soo bad. We destroyed them. They kept getting my guys down to low health and whammo, Rifts and my healing chair. I’d coast my old butt into the middle and sit there while my guys just became near unkillable.

The salt from the other team, Lord. Half the match was their miko and dragon cursing at us with classic lines like.

“Why can’t we kill you!?”


“God not again WTF hackers!”

Dragon and I were on the floor, they kept trying to gank him then Gali and I would scoot in, throw down a flag and just blow em away. Even the enemy Gali was getting destroyed. Our best tag was a triple kill all off my Taser. And it was funny as heck.

Allied Gali: “Kleese Taze em!”

Enemy team stops and looks around confused


Shields vanish, dragon splash, gali mops up.

Me: “Guys I feel horrible”

Gali: “Kleese marry me!”

Dragon:" Kleese Marry me"

Me: O.O “Um…Can I say no? Can;t we be friends? I’M SCARED OF COMMITMENT!” :acmlol:

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I love when galt pulls me in, traps me, kelvins stuns me, and oh look there a rath in cursing distance lol

last night i got a sweet triple on a miko, mike, and ghalt trying to noob stun everyone. nothing makes me happier than outplaying characters with way better kits than mine. it is so satisfying.

Last night I got an amazing quad
My friends were playing ghalt and kelvin and I was playing orendi my friend playing ghalt got the mutation that let him have four scrap traps it was just me and him fighting off a caldarius el dragon marquis and orendi ( all up front for some reason) my friend had the scraps ready and they all charged at us kelvin puts up an ice wall and the enemies charge straight to us. Three fall in the traps one gets stunned by kelvin I use my ultimate and killed all four

Forgot to mention that kelvin came in with the ice wall mid fight

Best Combo Miko, Reyna and a Montanna. Self explanatory.

Caldarius and Orendi: Never look at your screen for the blinding is legit and their supers and moves will finish you


Git guds+get rekt=ohhhhhh yea it’s time to get swifty!!

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A buddy and I have been rolling with a sweet Marquis+Ghalt combo lately. He cloaks his scraptraps and uses his helix to buff them heavily, and I helix for my owls, getting the cloak and the fast target acquisition. We put them at key ambush points where we might see somebody trying to sneak up on us, and as soon as they step on that scraptrap they’ve got five hungry owls and a trap full of bombs to deal with. It’s hilarious, and usually results in a one-shot kill.