Those who use T or Y for other things stand up

Anyone just want to bind T or Y to something actually useful. Anyone use T for a reload keybind? Anyone just feel sympathetic to the ESDF gamers, or the left-handed gamers who are frustrated with so many huge games that don’t offer simple quality of life settings such as full keybind configuration.

Rise up, and submit a ticket to 2K asking why we are not able to rebind T or Y to useful actions, or why we cant change menu select to be something other than E.


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No, but everyone loves an ASDX player. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, is that shift to the right to buy some more keyboard real estate for your little/ring fingers?

Before Chex Quest HD (which literally has no option to change the controls, nor even says what the controls are, so you have to guess), I hadn’t found this to be an issue… got an example?

I’m a lefty, but use a (thumball) mouse with my right hand. The only games (CQHD not withstanding) I find with this issue are console ports where remapping is an option but doesn’t actually work right.