Thought I understood math, but this game proves that wrong

+2500% on loot drops means they go to nearly 0. If it would usually drop, say 1 item, then shouldn’t I expect it to drop, I don’t know, drop 25 items now? Maybe I should expect it to crash. At least that’s reliable. That’s it! +2500% means crashes or a 100% drop in drop of items.

I think they should get people that understand math, AND people that understand English. I feel like all parts of this game have been outsourced. They can pay them less and the total lack of quality is worth it. Do THAT math and they are shelling out way more money to even APPROACH quality.


Yeah if it was actually about drop rates it would, but that’s not actually the case.
I made a post about that recently here’s the info.

We know players have enjoyed a lot of our unique items and might be worried about the changes to Mayhem Mode. Mayhem Mode will still greatly increase higher rarity drop rates across all the worlds in Borderlands

Breaking that down it’s, the rate at which higher quality world drops will appear.
Meaning its like just a luck meter.

Borderlands 3 Hotfixes: September 19, 2019

so that 2500% is just a booster that would weight the calculation of the rarity of what ever loot will drop, towards the higher rarity categories.

No change to drop rates and no change to drop quantity.

The black box nature of a lot of the calculations is a problem really across the game. It is why something like +200% weapon damage on ASA is actually worse than +100% SNTL Cryo for Zane but there is zero logical reason for a player to know that since the latter seems like just a specific +100% damage on ASA.


totally agree, besides the nature of drop rates etc.
the problem is to ensure diminishing returns (which is funny because nearly everything is too weak now with the bad scaling) they calculate things in the complete opposite way a player would anticipate.

Instead of bonuses being applied based on total damage, they are always applied using some usually unknown tiny base value.

Speaking from experience working out a melee build, with gear and skills I can get about a 500% melee bonus, but because of how it’s calculated i would actually need another 1,000% bonus just to double the damage I’m already doing…:man_facepalming:

Additive and multiplicative modifiers are very common in games that involve building your characters. They just need to be labelled clearly. For example, Path of Exile does this by labelling additive modifiers with “increased” and multiplicative modifiers with “more”.

true, but my feeling is that some things they decided should be additive were bad choices, and pretty much excluded those aspects from being in any way relevant in higher play because they underperform.

Amara is the only melee character but melee damage is additive, so regular melee for her is capped around 30k unaided by anything else. While most of the good weapons are doing upwards of 100k before mayhem.

Forcing weird and obscure interactions to make an aspect that the character was built around work. Then there’s dot.

You take the current drop rate and multiply it by 26.
Or 25. One of those two.

@Dalbuc Thanks for pointing that out. Had no way to properly test other than guessing . No answer required but is Gamma 115% better than Action Skill Active as well?

Also Thanks Everyone for the insight here.