So Thoughtlock - I never used it much in the past, but having played around with builds a lot recently to find my favourite and bestist (a word) and most badass build, Thoughtlock has taken the mantle. I think it’s immensely powerful and allows you to play in a totally different way.

Want Goliath Blasters to help you? Want to see Legendary Loot Midgets attack the Bandits :smile:

So, vote now, would like to see who thinks it is awesomeness personified and how many people still live in the forum:

  • Yes its TOTALLY Badass
  • No Ruin is Better
  • I hate it more than Brussel Sprouts and Marmite…

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I don’t often like it but if you do more power to you, thats what makes this game great, Choices.


Flawed poll. I hate Brussel Sprouts but I actually quite like Marmite (salty!). Now if you’d said Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli…

On topic: I did try Thoughtlock, but it does take some getting used to, and I missed the whole PL experience too much so I went back. May try it again latter on a mule, but there’s so much to do still!

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And reasons!


Actually I’d say it doesn’t, as I never liked it in years gone by, but it’s now become my fav mob buster. I’ve been running trials around all the main bandit areas using just a standard Shock Infinity. In 1:30hrs I went into FFYL once, and that was a sneaky Heavy Nomad in Sawtooth. It’s insanely powerful. I was making a montage but my capture corrupted…so I may just do some time trials of Gulag and Southpaw using the Infinity to show how badass it is.

My heart belongs to Ruin, but I can definitely see the appeal of Thoughtlock.


Thought Lock vs Ruin? No! Thought Lock aaaaannnnnddddd Ruin! This is what I used to solo to OP8:


I can’t vote for “No Ruin is better” because there’s no real reason to not use Ruin, all PL augmentations synergise well together but TL is a preference. Personally I prefer being able to hold my opponents in place, especially UBAs. My build goes as far down as TL but I opt against it, I think it’s great for Nurse build Sirens however as it adds to the support role, it’s essentially a summon.

Maya may be by far my favourite and most played character, but she’s the only one with a capstone I deliberately avoid, not because it’s not worth the point but because of how it alters playstyle and strategy so drastically, and that’s just another reason to love Maya!


I was reflecting on the fact that I would habitually kill the thing I’d thought-locked, instead of letting it go wild. It’s like the very first time you play an Anarchy Gaige - remembering to NOT reload at every opportunity takes some getting used to. It’s even worse if you’ve also been playing a non-anarchy build for a while!

This is what i’m doing right now. It actually works in your favour as they tend to fight each other, so when they get grouped you keep killing the TL’d one and PL keeps procing along with converge, slag, shock and helios which then just wipes everything out. Once they are grouped they often go into melee mode. So far my best results are from PL’ing the weakest, then Quasar, thus more converges in one spot… nothing new, but damn effective.

I think if your sniping (like videos I’ve seen in the past) then maybe pick on the big guys and shoot the weak. Differing play styles will take either option I suppose.

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Do you need Sub-Sequence for that to work? My gut instinct is yes, but it’s been several years since I played with either SS or TL.

Blood used to be spilled whenever Thoughtlock was brought up. Thems were the days.

Anyways, Thoughtlock+Sub-Sequence+Ruin with a pair of Omens and you can pretty much chase the Thoughtlocked target shoot them in the back, proc Sub-Sequence, create a dog pile to shoot into until the mob is all dead. I run it with Legendary Binder for 14 seconds of chasing the purple haze.

The fastest way to play Maya imo but not for everyone. You’ll need your running shoes on.


Your poll forces a choice between thoughtlock and ruin.

Ruin wins…in a landslide.

But I like thoughtlock. I use it sometimes. Fun way to play.


Part of that was your amazing thoughtlock guide that was really well thought out.

I mean part of what made it better, not worse :slight_smile:

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It was a challenge to find a niche for Thoughtlock. I know it didn’t make a lot of sense when standard Phaselock was so awesome. But as you know even Scorn had a difficult time finding any respect when Ruin was so dominant and we had to make a choice between capstones.

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That’s the build for my new Maya, aka Dee Lightful. I use a L. Binder with a Rapid Infinity, DPUH, Heart Breaker and Consummate Florentine as guns, the Blockade as the shield and Sheriff’s Badge for the relic. I always kill the TL target, which makes lots of healing orbs, which makes the phaselock jump to another clumped target, resulting in another converge, more healing orbs, etc. 99% of all kills are done with the Infinity- I’ve only used the Moxxie guns for dealing with Pyro Pete and Terra. I’ve only been using it for a few months now but it’s sure as hell fun to turn those damn Scavengers into meat puppets!


I use this build with Legendary Binder, Intense Harold, Grog or Slagga, a pair of Omens/Butchers/Conference Calls, or Heartbreaker and Hornet paired together.

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I came to the conclusion today I don’t like using TL in Hyperion areas. Surveyors kinda screw things up. So for Bandit areas its God like power, but iffy in Mechland.

…although it is funny watching Ultimate loaders unleash hell on their fellow mechs :smile:

That was my thoughts on it pretty well summed up, sometimes its amazing, sometimes not so much, I’ll go with the consistent phaselock.


I use it occasionally but I like it more for the extended duration and the not actually working cooldown penalty. My builds usually do not get me to Thoughtlock in the first place. At the very least Chain Reaction probably won’t kill the thoughtlocked target.

It is however fun to just watch them battle among themselves for no other reason than silly enjoyment.

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