Thoughtlock Success Stories? [OP8]

How is that? I mean, if the four Sirens were rockin’ Legendary Binder COMs with Sub Sequence, the enemies would constantly be arguing amongst themselves if you rotated your Thoughtlocks, no? Constant healing (either from Elated while they’re 'locked or Sweet Release if one dies)? I have daydreamed about a run like that.

Well we ran 3 thought lock with 1 regular phase lock team on Magic slaughter. This slaughter being the “hardest” of them all was a complete joke. Pretty much no agro the entire time…take as long as you like killing something or know you… w/e.

All maya’s can even put on the Bee, because no agro…use whatever gun you like.

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I think we all were running legendary binders, it was fun to try and beat a sub sequence with your phaselock

I love the Thoughtlock, Converge, Sub-Sequence, Ruin Combo with a Legendary Binder mod. Works wonders on mobs, plus I think its hilarious seeing 10 Sweet Release orbs fly out of every Thoughtlocked enemy you drop.

For a laugh, take the build into TVHM. So many orbs…

I have great success with it, all the time.

Just OP8 Digistructed and Thoughtlocked two R.O.U.S’s into killing each other at the very start.

The two Scorches around the corner fought each other enough to take the heat off of me while I
grenaded them into mist.

It is not my first choice of skills, but it does work on the right type of enemies.

Does the Subsequnce/Ruin combo work better on a L. Siren (faster cooldown) or a L. Binder? (longer Phaselock)

I like it with longer PL but both are great.

Binder always.

So I’ve recently completed the main campaign at OP8 with this Legendary Binder build. (I’ve been really busy with school so it took some time haha) Although the skill is not without its problems, it still allows Phaselock to be just about as reliable as any other action skill. It was put into the game with the intention of helping you, but misuse it and you might get into trouble.

Other characters have game changers and capstones that alter their action skills in various ways (Gaige’s Make It Sparkle, Axton’s Scorched Earth, etc.) but Thoughtlock differs in the sense that it changes the function of Phaselock entirely. Of course, this is information that is common knowledge among Thoughtlock users, but I like the playstyle I had to develop to compensate for the change from dealing with floating targets to moving ones.

When walking onto a battlefield with a Subsequence build, it is important to Phaselock an enemy who can be dispatched quickly enough to proc the skill as often as possible, to the point that weakened foes are being killed strictly by Phaselock damage. (base dmg / Helios / Converge / Ruin) It’s very satisfying, but obviously works best against groups of enemies. SS Phaselock doesn’t cool down if you trapped the last man standing, but continues to float around or chase flying enemies for the duration of your AS. This can be a problem you end up having to deal with a ton of new enemies before your skill fully cools down. (every second counts in OP8 sometimes) With Thoughtlock, you can continue to play this style, but you also have the option to escape while your target draws aggro. Although enemies don’t seem to have the damage output on each other like they do on yourself, at least they have a slightly easier time because of all the aforementioned Phaselock damage. (again, works best when you Converge a solid 3+ enemies) For this method to truly work, you need to Thoughtlock something that most other enemies (or at least, the most dangerous one) will target, allowing you to slip by, or put enough distance between yourself between a group of enemies and yourself so that you can regroup and change your battle strategy as necessary. No one says you have to try and fight EVERY Badass Constructor. I like to think of Thoughtlock as Maya’s twist on Decepti0n: functions the same way as a distraction, but doesn’t end on trigger pull and you can kill your “decoy” as needed for extra chaos and Sweet Release healing.

On most flesh enemies, I ran through the game with a Heartbreaker or the Butcher. Sometimes I used a Slowhand on humans and loaders, as their movements are more predictable and allow you to keep them away easier and not hurt yourself. The Omen works well on solo targets and large targets, because you can get behind them and a few point-blank shots should do the trick most of the time. I also like the Unkempt Harold for beefier enemies, and I still love the Bekah on Constructors. For relics, I mainly used the BoA, but I’m planning on testing the Deputy’s Badge, Explosive Relic, and Torgue Allegiance Relic with Torgue shotguns. I used a Tediore-parted Blockade so the faster Recharge Delay could make up for not having 5/5 in Ward. I think a Quasar could do well with this build, but because I don’t have Scorn to use on cooldown or during FFYL I opt for a Longbow Slag Transfusion and a slag Pimpernel. Might be overkill, but Ruin can only do so much so better safe than dead.

Because I’m missing out on healing skills like Elated, Sustenance, and Lifetap, it’s important to play smart and instantly know how to handle a situation. Maya’s damage output at 10/5 Wreck AND Reaper is beastly, but on cooldown it can be tough to score kills depending on the map and whether or not you’re playing with others. While this build has the firepower to melt a ton of enemies with ease, you can also save ammo and save yourself by simply booking it where appropriate. I for one hate dealing with flying enemies and stalkers, so using the Suspension / Thoughtlock extension to Phaselock usually gives me enough time to get far away enough to de-aggro enemies, like I mentioned before. One exception would be Surveyors, which heal you if you catch one flying towards you or hovering near you. Also, I think it’s a great idea to Thoughtlock loaders / surveyors as they are spawned by Constructors, as the Constructor will not be able to benefit immediately from creating a new ally and allows you to continue to focus on eliminating the bastard.

Overall, I still enjoy playing with this skill, and I plan on taking it into the DLC. I do play a lot of solo, but playing with friends is cool because they can help with triggering Subsequence and I’m sure they appreciate the Team Cooldown Rate from the L. Binder. As a side note though, I think this build might also work as a Legendary Cat since I can theoretically still put out enough SMG damage to proc SS frequently.

[quote=“David_Ayy, post:31, topic:511643”]It was put into the game with the intention of helping you, but misuse it and you might get into trouble.[/quote]That might be said about almost any active skill. :wink:

Have you tried Thoughtlocking a Surveyor, especially when your health is low? You get healing from Elated plus the Surveyor will heal you (instead of shooting you), which can refill your health fast.

If I end up in a 4-player game and I have a chance to respec, I put the points from Ward into Elated. Surveyor healing is definitely very nice. Otherwise, I find SR healing and just watching my back at all times good enough to keep me healthy.