Thoughts about Ernest?

Like the title says, I’d like to get a discussion going talking about the new character, Ernest, and what the early access people think of him now that we’ve got our hands on him!

I personally feel that he is overall “balanced”, but I’d still like to see a couple changes done. As it stands, I don’t think the egg has enough health. It’s too easy to focus down the egg and prevent Ernest from being effective at all. This is different from kleese, who has multiple structures to work with should one get destroyed. Along the same note, the defensive mode that the egg has is pretty much worthless. If you have the egg in defense mode, you don’t have the dps to keep them OFF of your egg. I often find that it dies when I turn it to defense mode, and I believe this to be the reason. Thoughts?

I agree with everything you say.
Side note: there’s like 5 threads on this.

Ah. Guess I didn’t look hard enough. Hopefully they will get merged?

Maybe. Well see. All good points though. Maybe defensive mode should have the (slightly weaker) slow built in? And a 5% reduction in attack mode to compensate?

I actually like that idea, and think it’s a good start. But I kind of wish they would change the way defensive mode works altogether. Not sure how they would do it, the move speed thing might be enough to convince ppl to use it. when I can choose between flat attack damage or reload speed, I never choose the slow helix

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Just wanted to say i LOVE the Sylux profile icon. It’s nice to see i’m not the only one who liked that game.

P.S. Weavel is better… :slight_smile:

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Haha agree to disagree

I will admit that Sylux’s tripwire-deathtrap exploit makes him a nightmare to fight.

Do you remember Noxus could “shadow freeze” people from across the map? Loved that glitch. It was hard to land, but man was it effective

OOHHH, yeah… Pissed me off EVERY time; though Noxus was pretty much unusable without it. Sylux at least had that sweet spot to put his shock coil, where it was extremely hard to outmaneuver; plus the life-steal…

Weavil was the guy who could split apart right


Yeah and he had nade launcher if I recall correctly. He was very underplayed also from what I remember. I miss that game

I would not mind lore of the other bounty hunters through epic spin offs games, honestly they were all pretty cool,plus they could give them lines and personality