Thoughts and Feedback regard the October 17th Hotfix

I usually would have put that just in the replies but seeing as the patchnotes have already over 1500 responses less than a day into the patch it’ll probably just get drowned out. Some of the communities favourite weapons got nerfed but I will only go over a few specific one that I feel are unreasonable or questionable and leave the ones that seem justified and moderate (like the Lyuda nerf) alone.

Two things here. First of all, that’s a weird way of describing the actual change. You should’ve just said that the Flakkers magazine size was reduced to 1. They way you put it also just could’ve meant that you considerably increased the ammo consumption or changed the weapon to burst fire all shots in the mag in a single trigger pull. Second: I feel like that’s one of those changes that you get with basically any game where some developer felt like they had to double down something and introduced a hard nerf alongside a conceptual nerf. Simply put: With the mag size change basically nerfing the Flakkers dps into the ground on any character other than Moze I feel like you really shouldn’t have touched the damage. Being a Torgue shotgun the Flakker reloads very slowly compared to other Single Shot Shotguns like the One Pump Chump or the Nimble Jack, meaning that you just turned the Flakker into a launcher-style sidearm that you switch to if you wanna do some real damage. With that said, to be worth using, it actually needs to do the damage.

Seems kind of uncalled for, if I’m perfectly honest. I mean, the Butcher was good (emphasis on was ) but I don’t feel like it was outperforming other weapons that heavily that it deserved to have its damage hammered that much.

Seems like overkill to me. Also, I want more details. If they were using the wrong grenade modifier, does that mean this has now changed? Will they now be dealing more damage over time than before to compensate for essentially not having any raw damage anymore? Also, if that is the case, would you mind adressing the cryo version specifically since Cryo does not actually apply a DoT, meaning that it just doesn’t really do damage anymore? Like, increasing the cryo efficiency on a weapon in turn for cutting the damage by 70% simply doesn’t work out, at least not on a grenade.

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