Thoughts and feelings towards the Handsome Collection

Initially I wasn’t going to get this game but the more I think about it the more I want to get it. I’m somehow re-watching Yoteslaya to get re-amp and it seems to be working for me. Anyone going through the same thing as I am? Bringing lots of memory back and my decision is now moving towards buying this collection. I wish it was BL1 and BL2 instead of TPS though. Just needed to get this off my chest.

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I didn’t get Borderlands 2 for PS3 and I tremendously enjoyed TPS. I got a PS4 to prepare for any future games in the series and beyond. When it was announced I didn’t mind, With Borderlands 2 in it and TPS as well it was a buy for me. Besides if Handsome Collection does well, I heard they may consider Borderlands 1 definitive.


I believe I’ve made my opinions apparent in another thread, so to sum up…

I’m happy that its such a great deal, I’m ecstatic for anyone that has never played borderlands before. I will however be holding off buying the collection because I’m rather salty about the timings of release’s and certain things that were said. I will buy it one day but for now I think I’m done giving gbx/2k my money

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I’ve pre-ordered my xbox one copy last week in time for release next week. Though having played bl2 on xbox 360 last-gen quite some time ago and played through some of its dlc from the season pass. I still have yet to even play TPS so that should be a nice addition for me at least when I get around to playing it as we’ll as its dlc.

Actually if I’m being 100% honest what got me back into “borderlands mode” was playing the tales from the borderlands episodes 1 & 2, a few days back when I decided to invest in the season pass for all 5 episodes.

I really liked the TFTB’s take on the universe and the vocal protagonists was definitely a bonus something which I hope they (2k/gearbox) include in the inevitable borderlands 3 on next/current gen systems.

I will now! :smiley: I hadn’t even thought about priming. Good idea!

I preordered TPS and got the season pass too but only played the game once. Maybe I was too occupied with other games and just never got to finish it but if you enjoy TPS I’m pretty confident that you’ll like BL2. Which was the one game that got me back into gaming.

If the Handsome Collection sells well we might get it (fingers crossed).


Definitely not happy about the handsome collection coming to next gen consoles when they said it would not be available. I purchased TPS for 360 plus season pass and now it’s coming to Xbox one so I definitely feel like I wasted my money and should have waited. On top of that, no discount for people who got the 360/ps 3 version. Lesson learned. If anything, I will rent the game but most likely, I’m done with borderlands and gearbox.

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This is the only reason why i’m not fully content. Apart from that, i’m happy with the Handsome collection. It will be cool to start over, which is what I plan on doing.

Since I didn’t buy TPS or several of the Headhunter packs to me it would be a good deal and the fact that it’s on a new generation of systems doesn’t bother me, considering that I’ve bought RE4 for every system I own except PC…

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I understand how you feel. I should have waited too but at the time I was too anxious to test the game out. Oh wells, the Handsome Collection isn’t a bad bundle. Plus I’ll get to experience TPS in HD now.

hahahaha, I’ll so re-buy that game if it came out on PS4. RE4 is one of my all time favorites!