Thoughts and Suggestions from a player with 1k hours in the game

I wanted to start out by saying I love gearbox and the attention they have payed to the community. It’s truly the best I’ve seen in from any game and it’s extremely appreciated. We love you for all you do gearbox and we know you are doing your absolute best to make this the game all the fans want and then some so thank you so much for all that you do, truly; I mean it. I know reading feedback can take a toll and can be difficult to read when you see negativity, so take a deep breath and know this is posted with the best intentions.

This is by no means complete or anything, but I’ve jotted down some notes over the past couple weeks and I’m finally going to post them, though I might edited down the line to update.

[Some changes and fixes I’d like to see added to future patches/hotfixes:]
1.) Iron Bear status effects from DOTs (damage over time) when you first enter Iron Bear while Moze has a dot covers the entire screen. I’d be nice if it didn’t do that, lol.

2.) When a cutscene plays and when you enter vendor menus, the FOV adjusted for those cutscenes and menus apply to the players crosshair until you open your inventory and close your inventory. I’d like to see this fixed the most because I do a lot of playthroughs start to finish (I’m on my 28th playthrough right now) and it happens so often, esp with vendor checking that it’s a problem. I don’t think this will be an easy fix my any means, but I feel like it is a big one that has not been brought up. Please look into this, I feel like I have to correct my FOV crosshair extremely often- like way too often that it’s a problem.

3.) I’d be nice if the weighted ammo drops from containers was upped a bit to be a little more along the lines of BL2. I’m not using BL2 as a comparison because I worship BL2, I just know the weighted drops were a bit higher (e.g. have 150 SMG ammo out of 14k, it’ll guarenteed drop SMG ammo). I’ve seen a lot of newer players complaining about ammo drops, so might be worth boosting the weighted ‘guaranteed’ ammo drops a bit. I don’t know the behind the scenes philosophy to what was implemented so I might be off base from the gearbox ideology, but I think a small buff to weighted ammo drops would be a great thing for the community and all players (new and old) alike.

4.) No more than 2 dedicated drops for MOST named enemies. I think bosses like Graveward are fine to have 3 or maybe even 4, but the lesser (non-vault) bosses should probably stick to 2 for the sake of farming sanity and drop rates, but I know you guys are aware of the outcries from the community and are trying to come up with your own solution so hopefully something like this makes the cut down the line. Oh, and remove the drops from named enemies that drop from multiple sources (e.g. Pestilence drops from Heckle/Hyde and Sylestro). I remember farming Heckle/Hyde for an alchemist for 4 hours and got like 30 pestilence drops. RNG, yeah, but Bruh.

5.) Could we add the Bekah to the world drop pool pretty please?

6.) Speaking of quest reward items, could we fix the Baby Maker? I’ll admit I don’t know the full problem with the baby maker but I believe I heard it consumes WAY too much ammo. Maybe due to a bug of some sort? I know I should not complain about something I don’t know a lot about, but I know it’s been an issue and I haven’t used it since release because of it.

7.) Make Melee Mayhem 4 (and mayhem 2.0 on that note) viable. I’m not talking facepuncher w/ white elephant melee, I just mean plain old melee. It’s lacking for m4 and it’d be nice to be able to make it viable again. I don’t have any great ideas on how to fix it and I’m sure there have been discussions- hope you guys end up with something (maybe moving up mayhem levels buffs melee dmg?). Don’t listen to me, but it’d be a nice thing. Good luck.

8.) You might be tired of hearing this one, but a big buff to the fastball would be amazing and I think everyone would love it. Think of the new moze builds. We miss it, gearbox. Plz give.

9.) Could we add the “Adaptive” roll to some of the legendary shields? I don’t know if this was intended but I can’t think of many (if any) legendary shields with the Adaptive property and I think it’d be really nice to have.

10.) The “While Iron Bear is active, taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade.” anoint is broken at the moment. I’d be nice if that anoint got fixed as it’d give Moze some more potential build diversity.

[As a bonus (sorry gearbox, I know this is a lot), this is my list of personal (selfish) things I’d love to see:]
1.) Add a randomize option to the character customization menu. Random colors, skins, heads etc. “Randomize!” sounds awesome and I’ve always loved clicking through it in any games that provide that option.

2.) An alternative option to health regen/lifesteal/healing in general for Moze (other than vampyre). I know homing mirv bouncy transfusion nades are aight and anointed on enter/exit iron bear frozen heart shield is good, but something other than those would be nice.

3.) Duct Tape Mod skill buff. Please, I LOVE my zane build with clone/drone with an infiltrator com, revengenader shield, cloning madding tracker nade and all the nade skills (minus grenade regen). Lower the cooldown and/or buff the nade chance or just lower (or remove) the cooldown if you’re feeling spicy. Something like that would be amazing. 3B.) While we’re talking spicy, maybe Zane could have Mozes’ Run n’ Gun skill and Moze could have Duct Tape mod. Blasphemy, I know, I get it.

4.) This isn’t something that will ever happen, but it’d be kinda neat if the Bearcat dmg was changed to Grenade dmg (not splash). I know this is a super sensitive topic but if it was only for the Bearcat and you stated “Grenade Damage” on the card, I think it’d make for some great Moze diversity and would be a fun way to buff the Bearcat at the same time.

5.) Could you super buff the Rectifier (and maybe the Impaler too). Seems like it’d be an absolutely amazing shield if the dmg was buffed. I can think of a lot of different builds that could make a lot of fun things work with something like that.

6.) I’ve seen 3 new players complain that they couldn’t switch quests while in the “Map” menu, might be a nice feature.

7.) Giving Marcus Geniviv (hard drive) seems like it was intended to give you the Messy Breakup shield but was either changed or forgotten to be implimented (I’m sure it was changed to be a dedicated drop for a reason), but from the 27 full playthroughs I’ve done, I can say it would have been a super nice shield to use for a good 5 or so levels and would be a nice reward to look forward too. It’s not super overpowered or anything, but I think adding it as a quest reward would be really nice.

8.) Could we increase default slide speed by like 5-10% to match sprint speed (or even a tiny bit better than sprint)? This is a selfish request but It’d be a very nice quality of life and give reason to learn to slide for new starting players.

9 Extra spicy edition): Give Moze a 1 point skill that cleans up the splash damage blinding screen clutter affects so she can see while using splash [explosives and particle weapons (e.g. kybs)] so she can aim for crits, promoting skilled play. Having to guess an enemies movements in BL3 is pretty tough at times which might reduce some gameplay elements like aiming and could leave players feeling bored because they are not are not as actively engaged in combat. Hold down trigger, toss nades, try to aim.
Lillith: Are you doing alright out there?
Moze: Can’t see **** captain. :dark_sunglasses:

That’s all for now. I know that was a lot, but I want to re-emphasize that I post this with the best of intentions and mean no negativity behind it. You guys at gearbox are great, keep up the good work! We appreciate you so much!


Nice list, can relate a lot. The neogenator was my main shield for the longest time in bl2
You forgot force feedback :stuck_out_tongue:
That would be a good start to add more sustain.

Reasonable requests. I think the “visual splash” from dot when you enter Iron Bear will stay thoug. Price to pay for escaping certain death at the push of a button.

Yeah Iron Bear really needs a window washer for sure … give Claptrap a squigie

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Never though about it, but I guess that blinding DOT when entering iron bear is probably from the DOT on Moze herself and not Iron Bear. Moze is just on fire inside the mech lol. Maybe Iron Bear needs an internal “It’s Piss” decontamination when she jumps in :laughing:

  • remove cosmetics from lootpool (all of them) and add them to earl (main game) and a DLC NPC (the mayor in the jackpot)
    and so fix the damn things cluttering up in lost loot and not showing up on the vendor window

  • buff/rework drone grenade skill (zane)

  • pick up shield automatically when using dome mod on your shield skill (zane)

  • add a lock in button when apointing skillpoints (making a mistake can be costly, not that money is a problem) and/or add a save build window in the new-u station (wich save the whole build and items for a quick swap)

  • do something with weapon parts (gun builder) possible money/eridium sink?

  • remove wandering NPC’s near your room (the asshats blocking your doorway)

  • reset crew chalanges (or add weapons to world drops/boss drop)

Small niggle:

Pretty sure this was fixed with the cross-play patch on the 13th. I haven’t been seeing the same issue, at least (on PC) :slight_smile:

Nice, thought so