Thoughts of how Bastogne might plays out

(Currahee) #1

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a good week.

So I was busy doing a research paper for about the Siege of Bastogne when I came around this paragraph about the division recon platoon:

'Further complicating matters was the loss of the division’s reconnaissance platoon on 22 December. The platoon had been used to establish an antitank warning net and had called for and directed field artillery fire to destroy German tanks. But on leading a cut-off artillery battalion to safety at Neufch’teau, the platoon was isolated and would not return until 28 December."

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So if they are true to their words and tried to base the game off from a true story, could it be that this isolated recon platoon would be the same as the platoon Baker and his squad are in?! Are we going to lose almost all of the characters that we have known and loved for 13 years?! Is Randy being Gaydy?! Why am I shouting this?!

Jokes aside, I’m getting pretty excited on how they might end the series and Baker’s story. But I feels like something is missing.

What do you guys think? Are they going to play out the isolated platoon part or tried to make the story more Hollywood-like?