Thoughts on a 'loot collector' ServiceBot for Circles of Slaughter/Proving Grounds!?

Anyone who has played the various Circles of Slaughter and Proving Grounds, especially on the higher mayhem levels knows that amount of loot that drops is ridiculous (not a bad thing!)

For the CoS, it’s just that it’s hard enough to see what’s going on in there already with constant rockets to the face and other various effects. As the loot piles up on the ground it only adds to that and gets worse wave after wave. Not to mention it’s very time consuming to try to sort through it all between rounds or vendor it for the sheer sake of cleaning up the area so you can see.

My thoughts were if all the loot could just be swept up periodically by one of those Janitor-Bots into a ‘loot trunk’ (except maybe legendaries) or something until the end of the round or you decide to quit and you can then either have the option to vendor all at once or sort through them and keep what you want. It would keep the Borderlands 3 vibe and spirit while serving a purpose.

From a performance standpoint, I would think this would also help since the game won’t have to process all that loot all over the ground but I’m no expert in that area so I could be wrong

The same idea for Proving Grounds. While loot piling up isn’t the real problem in those since you’re constantly moving forward on the map (hopefully :wink:), it’s more that these are timed events and you don’t have the luxury of stopping and looking at everything. Trying to run back after you finish and search through drops scattered all over the map is a huge pain because it takes forever, backtracking isn’t fun, and inventory space is already an issue. A ‘loot collector’ either at the end or by the fast travel at the beginning would be phenomenal.

Just an idea for a nice QoL feature, thoughts?


Yeah. This would be a nice QoL feature. Path of Exile has it for Delve mode. Diablo 3 has it for Greater rifts.

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